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Six summers ago

Speed Inflatable Water Rider Tube Boat Towable lake of the woods chris stanek

Lake of the Woods (Southern Oregon)

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Four years ago…

lake of the woods 2013

Lake of the Woods, summer of 2013

…these ladies (now all in college) were in the process of getting wet.

Warmer days


Lake of the Woods (Oregon)

Today’s random, desktop image comes from three and a half years ago.

Lake of the Woods

lake of the woods southern oregon ashland klamath wilderness

Lake of the Woods (June 2009)

Ice Walker

Walk on Water

Last week I posted a photo from the edge of Lake of the Woods. This was from a walk I took last weekend in snow shoes.

Today’s photo is from the middle of the lake after I ventured out past the shadows. In the shadows there was snow on the ice, and things felt more solid. I probably could have kept going straight across to my car near the lodge in the distance, but as the ice became more transparent I figured my adrenaline levels were high enough so I turned back at this point and walked around instead.

Frozen Lake of the Woods

Mount McLoughlin lake of the woods snow ice mt mclaughlin

Lake of the Woods with Mount McLoughlin in the background in winter

Lake of the Woods last summer

lake of the woods 2013 southern oregon ashland

Lake of the Woods

Summer is winding down

lake of the woods 2013

Lake of the Woods
Southern Oregon

Temperatures are dropping, especially at night. Let’s not forget just how much fun was had in summer as we head into a hopefully equally exciting fall season.

Mt. McLoughlin from Lake of the Woods

lake of the woods 2013

Lake of the Woods and Mt. McLoughlin

Lake of the Woods sunset

lake of the woods sunset

Sunset at Lake of the Woods

My first day back from Korea was spent at nearby Lake of the Woods. I was groggy all morning, but by evening I felt pretty good. The view didn’t hurt.

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