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Happy birthday, Marcus Montano!

Marcus Montano

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Raiders end up #3 on Massey and #4 with coaches

The kick is up...

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But let’s face it, if the Raiders had home field advantage throughout the playoffs, like Reinhardt and St. Francis (who were also undefeated through the quarterfinals without having to win a playoff game on the road like SOU did), Southern Oregon would have went to Daytona again and ended up in the top two. The Raiders finished in the top five, for the fourth time in five years.

P.S. Tanner Trosin would have won NAIA Player of the Year had the Raiders gone to Daytona. He was first team All-American, whereas the eventual player of the year was the second team All-American QB.

P.S. #2 Massey had seven Frontier Conference teams in its final top 25. The coaches? Just SOU.

One day, One photo, Mo time, Go time


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Details (including viewing locations) here.

3 days to go so 3 new photos

sou football chase cole

Chase Cole

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sou football raider stadium national anthem

sou football devvon gage kevin blueford

Kevin Blueford and Devvon Gage

5 days to go so 5 photos

sou football rey vega

Rey Vega

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I’ve received lots of requests for photos over the past few days so, with just five days to go until the quarterfinals, here are five from last Saturday for you. Do you want four more tomorrow?

Close but no cigar

sou football tanner trosin

Tanner Trosin

sou football tyson cooper

Tyson Cooper

17N_7623 RAW sou football marcus montano

2017 SOU football special teams

Marcus Montano, Bryan Sander, Louis DesPrez, and Jaxon Clark

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Details here.

Nine Raiders named to All-Conference Team


Marcus Montano


#21 Keegan Lawrence


#11 Isiah Carter


Julius Rucker


#12 Devvon Gage


Christmas Aumua


Louis Desprez


#72 Tylor King


Matt Retzlaff

number 9, number 9…


Marcus Montano

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football #NAIAFootball

In one of the more boring and predictable polls in recent history, the NAIA football coaches left things largely unchanged from last week.

Once again, they stupidly dropped a team for losing to a higher-ranked team on the road. This time Morningside dropped from #2 to #6 for their defeat to perhaps the best NCAA DIII football program. Morningside didn’t deserve to be #2 anyway, but the voting coaches are still lame.

Don’t expect much movement next week either. #1 plays #2 with the probable loser (#2 Saint Francis) likely ending up as something like #5 since the coaches like to penalize teams for playing good teams.

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