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Senior Day


Nathan Torres-Walker

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18 Raiders ended their SOU football careers today. I’ll get photos of all of them up within the next few days. For now, here are three.


Julius Rucker Jr.


Matt Retzlaff

The Whole Picture (29)


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Welcome to installment #29 in “The Whole Picture” in which I present the uncropped, higher resolution version of photos that have published. For prior editions click here. For higher resolution click on the photo before saving. As always, photos are best viewed on a big screen rather than a tiny phone screen.

Some of you may have found your way here through the link on I have had several people email me asking questions about buying prints or about finding all of my photos for a certain sport.

The photos I post here are a small fraction of the photos I actually have. If you would like to print any of the photos on Ashland Daily Photo, you are welcome to do so at no charge. Be sure to click on the photo to get to the higher resolution size which will print with more quality. If you want to use them on the web (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you are welcome to do so if you link back to in the description of the photo. If you are using the photo in a newspaper or magazine, please credit “Al Case, Ashland Daily Photo”.

If you would like me to search through all of my photos and send you photos of the particular athlete you are looking for I charge a reasonable fee for the time it takes me to find all of those photos and to process them for you. I do not normally sell prints. I email you the high quality electronic files in .jpg format, and you can do the printing and framing yourself through a local or online service. My email is on this page or you can comment (leave a reply) to a recent blog entry to communicate.

To find all of my photos for a particular sport, use the following links. Click on “Older Entries” near the bottom-left of each page to view more photos.
track and field


Raider Stadium


Emma Gasman


Lisa Elledge


Matt Retzlaff


Lauren McGowne

Down but not out

Rainy catch

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Matt_Retzlaff

The Raiders lost to their football nemesis yesterday. Details here. Matt Retzlaff broke the SOU career receiving-yards record in today’s photo.

Southern Oregon has outgained all seven of their opponents in total yardage. However, SOU has a negative turnover ratio in five games, three of which were losses.

Surprisingly, Massey still has Southern Oregon at #4 in the country. Of course, Massey considers strength of schedule, and SOU has the toughest opponents of anyone in the NAIA. The coaches won’t be as generous in their rankings come Monday. I’m guessing they will drop the Raiders to #12 or #13. With just four games to go, what will this mean?

The Raiders can still win the Frontier Conference if they win out and Western Montana beats Eastern Oregon. That’s also probably the only scenario that will earn the Raiders a home playoff game in the postseason. One more loss and the Raiders will still have a chance at the postseason but no games will be in Ashland.

Massey has the Raiders as a 7-point favorite at College of Idaho Saturday.

Marian down 7 at the half


@SOURaiders @SOU_Football #NAIAFootball @Matt_Retzlaff

As mentioned previously, the Raiders can win out and still not crack the top four in the final NAIA rankings. That created a possible scenario where the Raiders would travel to #1 Marian for a quarterfinal or semifinal playoff game. However, if USF can pull off an upset today, Marian could drop a few spots in the rankings, and teams like USF and Baker can end the regular season undefeated in the #1 and #2 spots. Such a fate could cause another Marian vs. SOU championship in Daytona.

You can watch the end of the Marian vs USF game here.

Beginning to run the table


Jack Singler and Matt Retzlaff (both seniors) celebrate their first TD together since high school

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @JSing03 @Matt_Retzlaff

Details here. Don’t miss the Coach Howard interview video about the importance of keeping the fan interest level high. 😉

After the game Coach Howard told the Raiders it’s time to “run the table”. Eight more wins in a row is not out of the question, but it won’t be easy. Massey gives the Raiders just an 8% chance of running the table in the regular season. Next week appears to be easier than previously imagined with Carroll College losing to Montana Northern today. However, the Raiders still need to clean some things up if they want to make it back to Daytona. Although they almost lost this game to Montana Western, they also could have won it by 20 or so points had they not given the ball up, or been penalized, in a few key situations.

New Massey Ratings will come out on Sunday. New coaches’ poll will come out on Monday. The Raiders will likely move up to #9 in the NAIA Coaches’ Poll with #9 Saint Xavier, #10 Eastern Oregon University, and #11 Kansas Wesleyan all losing today.

8 more days…

matt retzlaff sou football Brandon Kamerman

Matt Retzlaff interfered with as he tries to catch a pass against Eastern Oregon University (September 2015)

@B_Kamerman @SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Matt_Retzlaff

The Raiders open their season next Saturday (9/3/16) at Eastern. Massey Ratings has the Raiders winning by 4. Massey has EOU at #10 in the country. The (more biased and less accurate) NAIA Football Coaches’ Poll has EOU at #26.

#2 in the nation

Massey predicts SOU's 2016 football season

Massey predicts SOU’s 2016 football season

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Matt_Retzlaff @itsbronsenADER

It’s way too early for these rankings to mean anything, but the NAIA coaches have SOU at #2 in the country, and Massey has them at #3. Massey Ratings, as shown above, also has SOU winning all of their regular season games against NAIA opponents. At Eastern Oregon, for the very first game, is a tough draw. If SOU can start the season 3-1 or 4-0, then these preseason predictions are probably correct. Go Raiders!

sou football Bronsen Ader matt retzlaff

Bronsen Ader and Matt Retzlaff celebrate a touchdown in the 2016 spring game

SOU football locker project

sou football zach davis team tanner trosin teran togia lantz

2015 SOU football team after defeating #1 Morningside on the road

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Matt_Retzlaff @Scottow12

Details here. Video of new facility here:


SOU football daytona brandon matt retzlaff

Matt Retzlaff

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Matt_Retzlaff @B_Kamerman

Just a reminder to purchase your tickets for the Southern Oregon University Raiders vs. UC Davis Aggies football game in Davis, California on September 10, 2016 through this link.

Mr. Raider Memorial

sou football stan smith memorial coach howard

SOU Football Coach Howard at the Stan Smith Memorial / Tailgate / Pep Rally

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Matt_Retzlaff

sou football stan smith memorial matt sayre coach howard

AD Matt Sayre

sou football stan smith memorial matt retzlaff

Stan Smith’s family and Matt Retzlaff

sou football stan smith memorial matt retzlaff max proudfit melvin mason julius rucker jack singler

Melvin Mason tells a Stan Smith story

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