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HEC medford oregon rcc sou higher education center

Medford, Oregon’s Higher Education Center (SOU/RCC campus)

In Flames, Sylosis, and some other bands in one month

december 14 2012 medford armory metal show lamb of god in flames

It isn’t often that a decent size metal show happens in Southern Oregon. The last was Megadeth, Testament, and Exodus on March 3, 2010. I was in Japan at the time so I missed it, but I’ve seen each of these bands multiple times so no big deal.

I was supposed to see In Flames back in 2008, but a lack of sleep, illness, and complete and utter exhaustion from travel and the dozen bands that came before caused me to miss their headlining performance at Metaltown.

Now I finally get to see In Flames (and Sylosis) next month (December 14, 2012) at the Medford Armory, just north of Ashland. Expect photos.

Lamb of God and Hellyeah are also playing, but I am really going for In Flames and Sylosis.

Exsanguination @ Musichead

braxton on bass guitar for exsanguination brookings oregon

Musichead had three bands play last night. The fourth cancelled. First up was Exsanguination from Brookings.

sumerian bill medford saturday july 7 2012 Exsanguination transient messiah musichead

Jenna Jameson drums

Jenna Jameson drum kit

musichead medford concert venue cd record store

small but appreciative crowd

cam doing double duty on drums and vocals for exsanguination

elijah on guitar exsanguination brookings oregon

Sickened (band) @ Musichead

metal sickened oregon music musichead wayne haag

Next up, after Gore Cadaver‘s short set (the drummer hurt himself and couldn’t continue after just a few songs), was Sickened from Merlin, Oregon.

musichead medford live music record store upcoming shows

The quote of the night had to be from Wayne (pictured above). Seconds before Sickened started he said, “thanks for coming out” (perhaps more of a mic check than anything else) which was funny to me as I think there were only two of us in the audience at that point. It was a Tuesday night, and the crowd did grow from there, but I got a chuckle out of that line.

Aris johnson sickened band merlin oregon metal musichead medford

musichead Bill Ackerman sickened drums


instigate the fight musichead medford oregon

musichead aptera itf ripper medford the yearling oregon concert gig live show

gabe vocals itf medford oregon musichead

Ripper PDX

portland motorhead band ripper oregon musichead medford Mira Sonnleitner bellicose minds

Headed over to Musichead in Medford last night to check out Ripper from Portland. They had a nice, Motorhead-influenced sound and loads of energy. They don’t seem to have a website, or even a Facebook page, so it’s tough to find out much more about them. I talked to the singer (Robbie I think?) after the show and it appears they are heading down the West Coast and then playing in Mexico before coming back home on this tour.

Johnny B’s

johnny bs bar nightclub medford oregon

Johnny manning his bar amid his eclectic collection of novelty items, souvenirs, and other knickknacks…

Johnny B’s – Medford, Oregon

100 watt mind

While watching 100 Watt Mind at Johnny B’s a couple weeks ago, Mr. Johnny B, himself, couldn’t resist Brynna Dean’s vocals. I decided to focus on his unmistakable, greased-back head for this next photo.

johnny b Brynna Dean

100 Watt Mind (band)

100 Watt Mind Ashland Oregon band Brynna Dean

Brynna Dean of 100 Watt Mind

Skyler Squiglio hundred watt mind

Skyler Squiglio on guitar for 100 Watt Mind

Skyler Squiglio Brynna Dean hundred watt mind

After Fates Medallion left the stage at Johnny B’s, we were treated with 100 Watt Mind.

Brynna Dean has some amazing pipes. I’ll try to get some more photos of 100 Watt Mind up soon.

I did some more video experimentation. Next gig I’ll have the video nailed.

Eden Valley Orchards

edenvale winery

Grapes on the vine at Eden Valley Orchards - Medford, Oregon

The Rogue Valley has historically been known as a Mecca for pears. With global warming it may become the Napa Valley of the 21st (or 22nd?) Century. The number of wineries has grown substantially in the past couple decades.

A couple days ago I was at a conference at Eden Valley Orchards, also home to the EdenVale Winery, and the ripe grapes looked about ready for picking.

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