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Mt. Ashland sunset

rogue valley dusk

Sunset facing Medford from the top of Mt. Ashland

The lights in the distance are in Medford. I took this photo from the top of Mt. Ashland in late August. There aren’t many days in the year when you can get to the top of Mt. Ashland in a car (because of snow).

For a reverse view (from Medford during the day), a couple months earlier, check out this pic.

Mt. Ashland from Medford

ashland sign medford mt. ashland in background

I’m in Copenhagen, Denmark (at least I hope I am–I have actually pre-blogged this to post when I’m in Denmark). But this was the view a week and a half ago from Medford on the Bear Creek Greenway which runs from Ashland all the way to Central Point. From this vantage point on the bike overpass you get a clear view of Mt. Ashland and the I-5 sign pointing you to Ashland.

Peter Cornett of Floater

Pete, Floater’s drummer, opened up for Rob. Imagine if you will back to the late 1970s when the members of Kiss all made their solo albums. I’m not a Kiss fan so I don’t know anything about those records but I’m guessing all of the band members did not move to the guitar on them. I’m guessing Gene still played the bass, Peter played drums, etc. Maybe I’m wrong. The members of Floater, on the other hand, all play guitar on their solo albums. Pete opened for Rob playing nothing but guitar. Rob, who is Floater’s bassist, played only guitar as well. Maybe this only strikes me as interesting.

Anyway, Pete’s CD goes by the name Riverboat I believe. I couldn’t find it on amazon.

I’ll leave you with another song from Rob’s set (with Pete on drums). This is a song called “Come to Me” off Rob’s new CD. He tells a little story about it before playing.

End of volleyball season

Yesterday was the last tournament of the season for mOcean volleyball. This one was held at the North Medford High School gym, home of the Black Tornado. My bum is ready to rejoice for not having to sit on a hard, bleacher seat for hours on end any longer.


I took my first swings of the year yesterday. Felt great. They weren’t at the field pictured above, which is where we have our games in Medford. They were in Ashland at the Iowa Street fields. The view was beautiful. It looked like this as the snow from a few days back has yet to melt on the top of Grizzly Peak. Alas, I didn’t have my camera with me so I have no real photos of the day.

University of Oregon Ducks plane

It’s time to wrap up this series from my recent trip to Seattle. I’ll do so with a photo of the plane we flew on from Seattle to Medford. We arrived at the stroke of midnight (thanks to a delay in our departure).

Flying into Medford

united airlines small turbo prop

One more pic from our return flight from SFO to MFR. Here we are approaching the airport in Medford. The United flight was on a small plane with probably about 30 seats. Several were empty and most were taken up with the bodies of Japanese middle schoolers who were on our same flight from Narita (Tokyo) to San Francisco. I found out they were doing a mini, one-week home stay in Eagle Point and White City (Oregon). Since I was the only one on the flight who could speak both English and Japanese they moved me to the exit row. That was nice as I had more leg room, but it meant my view was obstructed by the wing and propeller of this small plane.

Small planes coming from the south have to go over the mountains that spring up on the California-Oregon border. Frequently this involves a load of hair-raising turbulence, and this flight experienced about as much turbulence as I have felt on the dozen or so planes I’ve taken on this Medford-San Francisco journey. The Japanese kids were freaking out but had big smiles on their faces when we finally landed.

Table Rock

Table Rock in Medford makes for a great hike or a great view from any angle.

View from Medford Airport

I love clouds, and they were looking mighty nice on the morning we took off from the Medford airport last summer.

Rogue Valley Manor from US Cellular Community Park

Softball season is about to begin. We won the league last year with a record of 15-1. (I wasn’t there for the game we lost so I take no responsibility for it. 😉 ) We had our first practice of the year at the previously mentioned US Cellular. It had been raining much of the day so everything was very green. You can even see some mustard or other yellow flowers on the hill leading up to the Manor. A new portion of the Manor, that is currently under construction, can also be seen in this photo.

I-5 runs between the field and the Manor but no cars happened to be captured in this picture that I can see. The Rogue Valley Manor, by the way, is a retirement living center run by Pacific Retirement Services in Medford, just north of Ashland.

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