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No more monkey tree :(

stuffed monkey animal tree ashland oregon b street

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, there was a good chance Ashland’s monkey tree would be no more once the people moved out. They moved at the end of January, and the monkeys are now gone. Oh well, I still have a few photos from what was.

Monkey Tree on B Street

monkey tree b street ashland oregon barrel of monkeys

We have a few Monkey Puzzle Trees in Ashland. We also have one, plain-ol’ Monkey Tree, pictured above.

I’ve been watching the number of monkeys in this tree grow over the past year, but I’ve never had my camera with me. Since the number of stuffed monkeys continued to increase, I figured this wasn’t a temporary situation, and I was going to wait until the leaves came on the tree this spring for photos. However, in the local paper a few days ago this story was published so I figured I had to grab some pics now or I may never have the chance.

This tree reminds me of the pacifier tree near Copenhagen, Denmark in Frederiksberg Have. Are there any trees bearing unusual fruit where you live?

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