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Snow melt


Today’s photo comes from the Elk Meadows Trail hike near Mt. Hood this past August. I believe this is called Newton Creek.

Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

Umbrella Falls

Umbrella Falls

You can find Umbrella Falls on the south side of Mt. Hood.

On the other end of the state

Mount Hood from Draper Girls Country Farm

Behind Tamanawas Falls

Tamanawas Falls

We are returning to Ashland today, after one more hike, to conclude our vacation in the Mt. Hood area. Tamanawas Falls has been my favorite hike so far, as the trail follows the lovely Cold Spring Creek.

Mt. Hood

Trillium Lake Ducks

Made it to Mount Hood yesterday. Today’s photo is from a short hike (about 2 miles) around Trillium Lake. Three more days of hiking to go.

Mt. Hood from the air

mount hood oregon from the air

Mt. Hood from an airplane

On my way back to Ashland from Europe on Sunday the plane spent very little time over water. We went over Greenland, Canada, and didn’t enter U.S. airspace until the state of Washington. We came south from there to land in Portland. This was the view of Mt. Hood shortly before landing. I think the water you see in this photo is the Columbia River.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a window seat on the flight from Portland to Medford.

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