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Grizzly Peak Sunrise

Sunrise hits Grizzly Peak

Today’s photo is from this morning. The whole town was in shadow, but Grizzly Peak was glowing.

Strange winter scene on Grizzly Peak

grizzly peak southern oregon

View from Grizzly Peak during minimal snow winter

I have yet to break out my snow shoes this winter. Last weekend we hiked to the top of Grizzly Peak where I took this photo from. Last year at this time this was the scene miles below the location of today’s photo.

This year we were able to drive all the way to the parking lot which is pretty much unheard of in January or February. From there the trail usually has several feet of snow on it in winter as it is in the shade and doesn’t melt until May or so. Not this year.

Cold Blue Mountain

cold blue mountain ashland oregon

Cold Blue Mountain
Ashland, Oregon

Cold Blue Mountain, a band from Chico, California, is scheduled to play at Club 66 next Friday night (1/17/14). Today’s photo is of Ashland’s own cold blue mountains from last month’s snow storm.

Santa Barbara panorama

photomerge panorama santa barbara courthouse

Nine-photo photomerge from the Santa Barbara County Courthouse

According to the TripAdvisor website, the best attraction in Santa Barbara is the nearly one-hundred-year-old Santa Barbara Courthouse. Today’s photo is about 200 degrees of the view from the top of the clock tower. The Santa Ynez Mountains, pictured in this panorama, were our next stop.

Mt. Shasta

mt shasta mount california

Aerial photo of Mt. Shasta

Today’s photo comes from a flight back in May when I flew out of the Ashland airport on my way to the Oakland airport. This photo was actually taken on the return trip in the evening.

Another photo of Mount Shasta from Mount Ashland

mount shasta from mt. ashland snow

Mt. Shasta from Mt. Ashland

I believe the smaller mountain between the two is Goosenest.

View of Northern California from near the top of Mt. Ashland

northern california mountains from mt ashland snow

Northern California Mountains from Mount Ashland

This past weekend we headed up Mt. A to do a little snowshoeing. The sky was ridiculously blue, and the temperatures were in the 50s (even though down below in Ashland the temps were barely 40 degrees). We had ourselves a weather inversion (which has since departed).

Frozen morning sunrise

frozen ashland sunrise

Cold sunrise over Ashland, Oregon

Like most of the West Coast of the USA over the past week, Ashland has been freezing–literally. Snow hasn’t fallen for about a week, but with lows in the teens every night since and highs around 30 degrees, not much has melted. Today we may finally hit 40 degrees, and we may even hit 50 at some point this weekend so there is hope that this state of affairs won’t last forever.

Before the dawn

ashland oregon pre-sunrise sky orange red color

Ashland has had a change in weather over the past few days. This is not so good for those of us who like the warmer temperatures, but it is great for photography with the crazy clouds, different lighting, and unpredictable colors that come with. I took today’s photo before the sunrise when the sky was going bonkers for a few minutes.

Diamond Lake

diamond lake ellie mount bailey oregon

Today’s photo of Ellie is from the archives. Diamond Lake and Mount Bailey won’t look like this for another four or five months. As we continue through this cold and wet Spring Break one can only dream of the slowly approaching summer.

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