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Upper Table Rock from Lower Table Rock

upper table rock mt mcloughlin

Upper Table Rock and Mt. McLoughlin

We took a little hike for Mother’s Day yesterday. While I’ve done the Upper Table Rock hike a half dozen times or so over the 14 years I’ve lived in the Rogue Valley, this was my first time going up Lower Table Rock.

My first (not entirely successful) focus stack

This past weekend I was hiking on Upper Table Rock. The ground was covered with wildflowers and snow-covered Mt. McLoughlin looked splendid in the distance. So I took this photo of the wildflowers.

foreground focus

foreground focus

But I wanted a photo with Mount McLoughlin in focus so I took another one.

distant focus

distant focus

When I got home I was a bit disappointed in each photo.

My photography and Photoshop skills are completely self taught. I have never taken a class, had a tutor/mentor, or even read a book on either subject. I’ve learned merely by trial and error with my camera and trying different things in Photoshop.

So what I wanted to do was combine the above two photos. I did so by using Photomerge (under File/Automate) in Photoshop and unchecking the “Blend Images Together” option. Hit F7 to see the layers if your layers box isn’t already open. Select both images, and use Auto-Blend Layers (under Edit) to stack the images. The result is below.

photomerge focus stack upper table rock mt mclaughlin

Photomerged focus stack

It’s not perfect, but now I have a new option at my fingertips in the future. Two things I need to do differently:
1) Take more than two photos. Notice how the finished result is out of focus in the middle. Had I taken three or four photos, each with a different focus point, the entire stacked photo could have been in focus.
2) Maintain the same, or nearly the same, composition (and camera settings–shutter speed, ISO, aperture). I recomposed the scene a bit after taking the first image which doesn’t make for the best stacking conditions later in post.

A more recent focus stack of a similar scene can now be found here.

View of Mount McLoughlin from High Lakes Trail

mt mclaughlin high lakes trail lava rock southern oregon

Mount McLoughlin with lava rocks in foreground

Yesterday was the first warm day we have had in months, and it almost felt like the day when I took this photo (my random, desktop photo of the day) back in the summer of 2011. I went on a bike ride and saw just a touch of snow on Mt. Ashland, extremely rare for this time of year. I’m guessing there isn’t much on Mount McLoughlin either given the nearly snowless winter we are experiencing.

Mt. McLoughlin from Lake of the Woods

lake of the woods 2013

Lake of the Woods and Mt. McLoughlin

Flying by Mount McLoughlin

Oakland trip by plane mount mcloughlin southern oregon

Mt. McLoughlin from above the clouds

In late May I flew down to Oakland in a friend’s private plane. Soon after takeoff from the Ashland Municipal Airport this was the view out the window.

Mount McLoughlin from Eagle Point

eagle point golf course club mount mcloughlin SOU raider red zone golf 2013

16th fairway at Eagle Point Golf Course with view of Mt McLoughlin

View from Peabody’s Lookout

photomerge peabodys wayback panorama mt mcloughlin mclaughlin mount brown mountain x-country skiing snowshoeing trails

Mount McLoughlin from Peabody’s Wayback

I went on my third snowshoeing adventure yesterday. I parked at Buck Prairie, snowshoed Peabody’s Wayback, and the location above is at or near Peabody’s Lookout. I never saw a sign that said Peabody’s Lookout so I may not have actually made it there. The trail ran out at this point so I headed straight down the mountain and ended up between the restroom and Natasha’s View on the map so I figure I was close to Peabody’s Lookout.

In the distance in today’s panorama photo you can see a portion of snowed over Howard Prairie Lake and beyond that Mt. McLoughlin on the left and Brown Mountain on the right. Next time I’ll have to bring my 70-300mm lens instead of my 14-24mm lens for a much more close up view of these beauties.

Howard Prairie Lake

mountain lakes howard prairie Mt. McLoughlin pano tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 nikon d7000 photoshop photomerge example

Twenty miles east of Ashland you will find Howard Prairie Lake. We headed up there yesterday to escape the heat and take a bike ride. At an elevation of over 4500 feet (Ashland is at 2000 feet), the temperature is usually about 10 degrees cooler.

Today’s photo is a three pic photomerge (with a wide angle lens to begin with) so it covers almost 180 degrees. If you look really closely you can see Mt. McLoughlin to the right of center.

Eastview Trail – Ashland, Oregon

eastview trail ashland oregon mountain biking hiking southern rogue valley

The guidebooks for hiking or biking Eastview Trail talk about the wonderful views from the trail itself. Actually, there aren’t any views of the east anymore from Eastview Trail as the trees have grown since the trail was created and now the views are all obstructed. It’s still a nice trail though.

Near the trail head you do get a bit of a view from the location pictured here. That’s Mount McLoughlin poking up in the distance on the right.

Mt. McLoughlin from High Lakes Trail

lava rocks southern oregon biking trails

Mt. McLaughlin from High Lakes Trail - Southern Oregon - Outdoor things to do in the Rogue Valley

Two thousand years ago andesite lava flows erupted from Brown Mountain near Fish Lake. Many of these rocks can still be seen along the High Lakes Trail. I like the change in scenery while riding a bike along this trail; one minute you are in a forest and the next you are cruising through single track with lava rocks on both sides of you.