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Mt. Shasta

mt shasta mount california

Aerial photo of Mt. Shasta

Today’s photo comes from a flight back in May when I flew out of the Ashland airport on my way to the Oakland airport. This photo was actually taken on the return trip in the evening.

Snowshoeing on Mt. Ashland

mt shasta ashland snowshoeing

Mount Shasta from snowy Mount Ashland

Thinks are heating up around Ashland so I’m sharing a blast from the coldness of this past winter today.

(Actually, I have no idea if things are heating up in Ashland, but they should be this time of year. I created this post weeks ago, and am now in Japan so I don’t know what the weather is like in Ashland. This post has been preset to post on June 22. Hopefully it does, and hopefully I’m having a blast on my way to Korea.)

Mt. Shasta from Mt. Ashland with fresh snow

mt shasta mossy tree snow

I posted a photo of this tree before. Today’s version features a different angle and some fresh snow.

Snowy panorama

photomerge from mt ashland

Photomerge from Mt. Ashland

Today’s pic is from this past weekend when I did some snowshoeing on Mt. Ashland. I took 7 vertical photos and put them together to come up with this one horizontal one. Doing such makes Mt. Shasta (to the left of center between the trees) and the rocks on my right look much smaller than they actually looked at the time. I’ll post individual photos of what Shasta and the rocks really looked like in a later entry.

Another photo of Mount Shasta from Mount Ashland

mount shasta from mt. ashland snow

Mt. Shasta from Mt. Ashland

I believe the smaller mountain between the two is Goosenest.

Mount Shasta Sunrise

mount shasta sunrise mt

Mount Shasta Sunrise

Today’s pic is from Mt. Ashland on an autumn morning.

Mt. Shasta from near the Oregon border

mount shasta mt.

Mount Shasta – Northern California

Descending from Castle Peak

heart lake castle crags hiking

During our only full day at Lake Siskiyou we drove about 8 miles to Castle Lake (elevation 5436 feet). From there we went on a 5-mile (or so) hike to Heart Lake (elevation 6035 feet) and then above it to Castle Peak (elevation 6617 feet). The views are best from Heart Lake and above Heart Lake on Castle Peak where you can see the lakes, Mt. Shasta, Castle Crags and a lovely 360 degrees of wilderness. Today’s photo isn’t from the top though. The lakes are obscured by trees, but you can see Black Butte and Mt. Shasta, as well as some of my hiking party.

Lake Siskiyou panorama

mt. shasta lake siskiyou california camping

We just returned from a few days in California. We camped near Lake Siskiyou which is near Mt. Shasta in Northern California, only a little over an hour south of Ashland. The lake was chaos on hot days in the afternoon on a weekend in August, but I took today’s photo in the morning with few people around.

Sunrise behind Mt. Shasta

mt shasta sunrise fog ashland california oregon

The California/Oregon border is a lovely place at 7 in the morning in October.

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