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Sunrise behind Mt. Shasta

mt shasta sunrise fog ashland california oregon

The California/Oregon border is a lovely place at 7 in the morning in October.

Mt. Shasta in January?

Mt. Shasta

This is what Mt. Shasta should look like from Mt. Ashland in early November. In early December of 2010 Mt. Shasta looked like this. However, I took today’s photo less than a week ago. There is very little snow on Mt. Shasta (or Mt. Ashland), and there hasn’t been any new snow since either.

Mt. Shasta sunrise

Sunrise over Mt. Shasta from Mt. Ashland

Last weekend the conditions were right for an early morning trip up Mt. Ashland. The snow on Mt. Ashland had melted, I figured there would still be snow left on Mt. Shasta, the skies were mostly clear, and I couldn’t sleep. There was also a nice halo around the moon so I hopped in the car and drove on up for an early morning adventure.

Mt. Shasta from Mt. Ashland

mount shasta california from oregon

Dusk settles in over Mount Shasta

Mt. Shasta is the wrong direction to watch the sunset from Mt. Ashland, but this is what it can look like at dusk from the northwest. I still need to get up there to see what it looks like at sunrise.

Snowy Mt. Shasta

Continuing down I-5, the wind was blowing rather fiercely. So when I got closer to Mt. Shasta, I pulled over to take an up-close photo of the snow that was gusting off the top of the mountain.

Mt. Shasta from just a few miles south of the Oregon/California border

As mentioned yesterday, it was a good cloud day, offering great scenery for my six hour drive from Ashland, Oregon to Palo Alto, California. In Palo Alto I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in over 30 years.

Back in the USA

mount shasta california aerial photography

Made it back from a year in Japan yesterday. Today’s pic is of Mt. Shasta from our flight from San Francisco to Medford.

On top of Pilot Rock

This location is on the California/Oregon border. I’m on top of Pilot Rock. In the far distance on the left is Mt. Shasta. To the right, and out of view in this picture, is Mt. Ashland.

Another angle on Mt. Shasta

mt. shasta

I’ve shown you pictures of Mt. Shasta from the east, north, west, and from on the mountain itself in prior entries. This photograph is from the South (on I-5). Unfortunately, the clouds covered the top. I love driving north on I-5 and viewing Mt. Shasta once past Redding.

California road trip

mt. shasta vista point I-5

Less than a couple of weeks ago I took a little road trip down to Chico, California. Our first stop along Highway 5 was the Mt. Shasta Vista Point turnoff. The above photograph is of the view from there. Over the next week or so I’ll show you more from this road trip. Stay tuned…

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