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Snow-capped Nevada Mountain Scene

Stepping back in time a day or so from the last few entries, this photo is not a good example of how you can’t take good pictures from your car. I took this from the dashboard, while driving 75 MPH, through the windshield. I was bored and everyone else in the car was asleep.

I don’t think these are the Sierra Nevada Mountains (aren’t they only on the California border?). I think I was between Wells and Elko on I-80 heading west when I snapped this photo.

The photo, obviously, isn’t perfect given my speed and the window dirt, but with a little noise reduction in Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 the picture can be improved a bit as seen below.

nevada wells elko snow covered mountain scene highway

Nevada rest stop

desert scene

I was cleaning off my laptop’s harddrive before selling it and found the above picture. I took this of Ellie and Ryan in the Nevada desert on our way to Utah in July of 2006. If I took this picture with my new camera with GPS I could tell you the exact location. We were on Highway 140/291 near the Oregon/Idaho/Nevada border. I don’t think there was another person around for 50 miles in any direction, maybe 100.

Nevada Winter Scene

Continuing our trip home from Utah to Oregon, I took the above picture through a rather dirty window somewhere between Winnemucca and Reno, Nevada while going about 75 MPH. If you click on it to view it larger, you may even be able to see a living creature in the lower left corner.

Middle of nowhere, Nevada

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago when the Utah trip tour began on this blog, the salt flats on the way back to Oregon were really pretty. The sun was shining in the southeast and crazy cloud formations with rain and snow were happening in the northwest. We were expecting lots of snow on the road and when we left Utah, Nevada’s traffic and weather site stated that we would be putting chains on in at least 3 locations. Yuck. Therefore, there was no time to stop and take pictures of the salt flat scenes.

However, we lucked out in Nevada and never had to put on chains. The first stop we made was at the above, desolate-looking rest stop near Wells, Nevada. No one was around for miles and miles. It was the first chance I had to take a break from driving and snap a picture.