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Freshman Joe Dotson earns All-American status

sou track and field decathlon joe dotson

Joe Dotson

@SOURaiders @SOUTrackXC

SOU freshman Joe Dotson came in 5th place in the decathlon at nationals for the Raiders today. More details here.

National Champion

sou track field jessa perkinson

Jessa Perkinson

@SOURaiders @SOUTrackXC

Details and video here. She races in the 5k Saturday.

Grizzlies advance to Sweet 16

ahs baseball matt o'donnell triple over lebanon outfielder

Matt O’Donnell’s RBI triple in the second inning was out of reach for the Lebanon outfielder.
This hit proved to be all Ashland would need thanks to a fine pitching performance.


Ashland High School defeated Lebanon yesterday in Ashland, 4-0. Wilsonville will be coming to Ashland for the round of sixteen on Wednesday (5/25/16).

Peyton Fuller ashland high school baseball

Peyton Fuller threw a complete game (7 innings) shutout with 9 strikeouts

Deja Vu – SOU vs Marian

 sou softball raiders team

2016 SOU Softball Team

@SOURaiders @SOU_Softball

Strangely, Southern Oregon has to travel to Kentucky while Dickinson State (North Dakota) goes to Redding, just a couple hours from Ashland. SOU and Dickinson are only five spots from each other in the rankings so it doesn’t make much sense. Details here.

One year ago…

Levitating is not against the rules

@SOURaiders @SOUTrackXC

Raiders survive day two

sou softball Kelsey Randall

Kelsey Randall

@SOURaiders @SOU_Softball @Kelsee_R @A_Dirty3

After a near miss on day one, Southern Oregon went 2-0 on day two to earn a Sunday game.

The Raiders beat Corban, with an offensive explosion (16-5), for the first time this year. The other four SOU-Corban games weren’t nearly as important as this one so their timing was good.

If SOU can get by Great Falls Sunday morning (11 a.m. start), they will earn a trip to Regionals. They will then need to beat Eastern Oregon twice to win the tournament. It seems a bit unfair that the Raiders will have to win five games to win the tournament while EOU will only need to win four (and Eastern didn’t have to play Oregon Tech–a team they didn’t beat all season), especially since SOU won the conference and was the #1 seed, but, unfortunately, that’s the nature of things.

sou softball Alexa Gonzalez

Alexa Gonzalez

sou softball Aaliyah Oliver

Aaliyah Oliver

photomerge 3-photo sou softball team

2016 SOU softball team

Abigail Lund

Abigail Lund

sou softball amelia hensler

Amelia Hensler

Out at home …

sou softball kelsey randall

Kelsey Randall tagged out at home after OIT catcher blocked direct access to the plate

@SOURaiders @SOU_Softball @Kelsee_R

… or was she safe?

SOU beat Oregon Tech this morning in extra innings to continue their season. They play again at 4:30 today (5/7/16).

The call above could have been the difference in the game though. The umpire ruled the runner was out without considering the obstruction rule. Here it is:

9.4.1 Obstruction is the intentional or unintentional act of a defensive team member that hinders or impedes the progress of a runner who is legally running bases, unless the fielder is in possession of the ball, in the act of fielding a batted ball, or in the act of catching a thrown ball.

1. The defensive player must be in the process of catching the ball and not merely positioning, waiting for a throw to arrive.

So did the defensive player position and/or wait for a throw to arrive while obstructing home plate? You be the judge:

sou softball oit catcher blocking obstructing home plate

Oregon Tech catcher blocking (obstructing) home plate without the ball

Another odd thing about this play is (in the series of seven photos showing the entire sequence that I have) the umpire began calling the runner out (with his fist) long before the tag was made. The top photo is the last in the sequence, and it’s the first showing a tag. The umpire was opening his clenched fist in this photo. He had an “out fist” in the three photos prior to this one before the tag.

Photos from the Red v White game

sou football red white game keegan lawrence chase cole

Chase Cole with the TD despite being well covered by Keegan Lawrence

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Chasecole31

Tylor King

sou football red white game tanner trosin connor astley jose sanchez

Tanner Trosin with time to throw thanks to Connor Astley and Jose Sanchez

2016 CCC Multi-Event Championship

sou track and field decathlon joe dotson

SOU Track and Field decathlete Joe Dotson

@SOURaiders @SOUTrackXC @CCCSports

The heptathlon is over, and favorite Tiana Thomas took first place again.

Freshman Joe Dotson of Southern Oregon is clinging to a slim second-place lead heading into the final events of the decathlon. Oregon Tech’s Seth Gretz, one of the NAIA’s top decathletes, has a large lead.

sou track and field college of idaho heptathlon

Tiana Thomas of College of Idaho won the heptathlon

Cascade Conference Multi-Event Championships

sou track and field heptathlon evergreen

Evergreen College’s Irene Moore placed second in the hurdles in the heptathlon

@SOURaiders @SOUTrackXC @gogeoducks

The CCC heptathlon and decathlon are happening today and tomorrow at Raider Stadium in Ashland. You can watch the events live or follow the results online here.

sou track and field decathlon joe dotson

Oregon Tech’s Seth Gretz won the 100m dash, while SOU’s Joe Dotson came in fourth, in the decathlon

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