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SOU beats Carroll 34-14

Ray Vega

Rey Vega

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Rey Vega ran for 157 yards on just 14 carries, a 94-yard run making up much of that total. He also caught 3 passes for another 87 yards.

Raiders #9 in new coaches’ poll


Armando Gauger, Julius Rucker, Isiah Carter, and Devvon Gage

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As predicted back on Saturday, the Raiders moved up three spots in the new NAIA Coaches’ Poll.

Looking at the eight teams ahead of the Raiders, here is some more fortune telling:
#1 Marian has only one challenging game on their schedule. They play at #3 Saint Francis a week from Saturday. If they win that game, they will almost certainly run the table.
#2 Morningside plays an NCAA DII school this Saturday. Morningside will probably lose, but they likely won’t drop more than a couple spots in the poll. After that, their only decent opponent is #5 Doane on Oct. 8.
#3 Saint Francis has an easy schedule other than Marian. It may take a huge upset by Davenport on November 5 in order for SOU to ever pass them in the coaches’ poll.
#4 Baker already got past their only competition (Grand View in week 1).
#5 Doane will likely lose at Morningside. Other than that, they may not lose despite not being in Massey’s top ten.
#6 Reinhardt has to get by Lindsey Wilson and Faulkner on the road. They will likely lose at least one of those games, if not both.
#7 Lindsey Wilson has Reinhardt in addition to games at Faulkner and Campbellsville. They should lose one, if not two, of those.
#8 Grand View got crushed by Baker, but they have an easy schedule other than that Baker game. If the Raiders and Grand View win out, it will be unfair for the coaches to give Grand View a higher ranking simply because SOU got beat by an NCAA DI team, especially considering the difficulty of SOU’s schedule vs. Grand View’s.
#9 SOU has six or seven more tough games (out of just eight) after starting the season against three strong teams.

In summary, even if the Raiders win out and finish 9-2, I think they will only end up at #5 or possibly #6. The system really isn’t fair if that happens. Punishing the prior year runner up for a narrow first game road loss and defeat at the hands of an NCAA DI team on the road in favor of teams with easy schedules and (probably eventually) only one loss makes no sense. The bad news for Southern Oregon is a #5 finish likely means only one home playoff game (again!). The good news is SOU will be better prepared, compared to teams with weaker schedules, for the playoffs (again!).

Beginning to run the table


Jack Singler and Matt Retzlaff (both seniors) celebrate their first TD together since high school

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Details here. Don’t miss the Coach Howard interview video about the importance of keeping the fan interest level high. 😉

After the game Coach Howard told the Raiders it’s time to “run the table”. Eight more wins in a row is not out of the question, but it won’t be easy. Massey gives the Raiders just an 8% chance of running the table in the regular season. Next week appears to be easier than previously imagined with Carroll College losing to Montana Northern today. However, the Raiders still need to clean some things up if they want to make it back to Daytona. Although they almost lost this game to Montana Western, they also could have won it by 20 or so points had they not given the ball up, or been penalized, in a few key situations.

New Massey Ratings will come out on Sunday. New coaches’ poll will come out on Monday. The Raiders will likely move up to #9 in the NAIA Coaches’ Poll with #9 Saint Xavier, #10 Eastern Oregon University, and #11 Kansas Wesleyan all losing today.

SOU women’s soccer wraps up pre-conference play this weekend


Megan Smith

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Southern Oregon will be in Portland this weekend before opening their CCC games next weekend in Ashland. The 3-2 Raiders will play Corban at 3 on 9/23 and Northwest Christian at 4 on 9/24. Both games will be at Raider Stadium. The Opening Welcome for new SOU students and their families will take place at Raider Stadium following the Friday game. Hopefully some of those students and family members will come early to watch the action.

“Game of the Week” finalist


tackling Jr.s

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This Saturday’s game is a nominee for “NAIA Game of the Week”. Click on the image below and then like it on FB to vote.

Click on this image and then "like" to have the Raiders home opener be the NAIA game of the week.

Click on this image and then “like” to have the Raiders home opener be the NAIA game of the week.

Davis vs. Davis


UC Davis vs. SOU Student Body President Colin Davis

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Today the NAIA Football Coaches’ Top 25 Poll came out. Eastern Oregon University deservedly moved up from #26 to #10 after beating previously #2 SOU at home and #22 Montana Western on the road to start the season. The coaches have only 3 Frontier Conference teams in the top 20 while the more objective Massey Ratings has 7 Frontier Conference teams in the top 13. Frontier Conference teams are “only” 2-2 against non-conference opponents. However, the losses were both against NCAA DI teams! EOU is the only undefeated team from the Frontier Conference. SOU will get another crack at EOU, this time in Ashland, on October 15.

As I predicted yesterday, the coaches have some teams ahead of the Raiders like Doane (at #5) and Kansas Wesleyan (at #11) who wouldn’t finish in the top half of the Frontier Conference. One example of how the coaches aren’t paying attention is they have Montana Western and Dickinson State tied in the standings even though Montana Western just beat Dickinson State by 16 points at a neutral field.

SOU men’s soccer team named “Team of the Week”


Jonathan Morales


The Cascade Collegiate Conference chose the Raiders as their team of the week for 2-0 and 4-0 victories this past week. Southern Oregon will open CCC play this week in Portland and Walla Walla. They will return to Ashland to play a couple of home games on the 23rd and 24th, just before fall term begins on the 26th.

Comments on the UC Davis game


Jason Shelley with the touchdown catch that was ruled out of bounds

@jasonshelley_ @SOURaiders @SOU_Football

At first glance, yesterday’s game looks like a bit of a blowout with a final score of 52-35. It remains to be seen if the NAIA coaches will punish the Raiders for losing to an NCAA D1 school when the new poll comes out on Monday. They probably will as strength of schedule isn’t something they seem to look at much. Don’t be surprised if they have Doane and maybe even Kansas Wesleyan ahead of SOU even though Massey Ratings has Doane at #17 and Kansas Wesleyan (who the Raiders beat 52-8 in the playoffs last year) at #50.

However, before saying UC Davis dominated SOU, let’s look a little closer at the stats. The Raiders actually gained more yards than UC Davis (653 to 617). Ignoring the interception on the “Hail Mary” at the end of the game, had the turnover differential been zero instead of -4, the Raiders probably would have won the game.

Even with the horrible turnover differential, had three plays been different (two blown calls by the officials and one mental error that turned into a very costly penalty) the final score may have been 42-38 in favor of SOU.

The first was in the second quarter with about 7 and a half minutes on the clock. The refs gave UC Davis a touchdown on a pass that was fairly clearly out of bounds. You can watch a replay of the game, BTW, here.

The second was on a third and long, the UC Davis quarterback threw a pass out of bounds. A late hit resulted in a UC Davis first down (instead of UC Davis being forced to punt on fourth and long) that turned into a touchdown for the Aggies. That TD would not have happened without the penalty against SOU.

The third was in the 3rd quarter with about 10 and a half minutes on the clock. A pass to Jason Shelley was caught in the back of the end zone. He got one foot down, which is all you need in college, and he didn’t bobble the ball at all. I have a series of photos showing this (one pictured above). You can also see it on the video. The official did not give the Raiders the earned touchdown, and SOU subsequently failed to score on the drive.

SOU football update


Rey Vega dives for a touchdown vs. UC Davis

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Details of yesterday’s game can be found here.

The Raiders’ schedule was not ideal, drawing Eastern on the road to start the season and then an NCAA D1 school on the road for game two. However, if the team can learn from their mistakes in the first two weeks of the young season, things can get much better going forward.

Southern Oregon will play at home in week three against a tough 2-1 team. Massey has Montana Western and SOU neck and neck in the rankings. If the Raiders can win games three and four then I think a 9-2 regular season is not out of the question as their schedule will soften a bit after week four.

Massey Ratings (computer rankings for NAIA football)

Massey Ratings (computer rankings for NAIA football)

SOU Women’s Soccer tonight

sou women's soccer Aislinn Waite

Aislinn Waite

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7 p.m. start time at Raider Stadium vs. UC Merced

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