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Mr. Raider Stan Smith 1924-2015

ashland 4th of july parade sou stan smith dana tuley

Stan Smith and his daughter, Dana Tuley, in the 2015 Ashland 4th of July Parade

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

ashland street cinema ring stan smith

Stan Smith presented with his 2014 National Championship ring by the SOU football team at Ashland Street Cinema

stan smith trophy granite taphouse

Stan Smith and the championship trophy @ Granite Taphouse

stan smith

Stan Smith photo with All-American Daniel Breaux

stan smith's contribution recognized

Stan Smith’s contribution recognized at Northwest Pizza

Rotating wine selection for the kids :)

northwest pizza wine selection for the kids

I was in Northwest Pizza yesterday to watch the World Cup. I was wondering why all of the kids were so happy even though the USA was losing until I saw this part of the menu. 😉

Twice Born Gypsies @ Northwest Pizza

kimber parris david bartman dan freiberg zack karr twice born gypsies northwest pizza

twice born gypsies ashland oregon psychedelic rock and roll

Zack Karr on bass for Twice Born Gypsies @ Northwest Pizza and Pasta Company (3/9/13)

Kimber Parris (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), David Bartman (Synth), Dan Freiberg (Drums), and Zack Karr (Bass) twice born gypsies northwest pizza

Arlo Brooks @ Northwest Pizza and Pasta Company

Northwest Pizza and Pasta Company Arlo Brooks ashland live music

Arlo Brooks

Northwest Pizza and Pasta Company has transformed itself under new ownership over the past year and a half. They now have an open mic night. After hours they have started having live acts as well.

I headed to Northwest last night to hear Twice Born Gypsies, a band I’d never heard of before, but the “psychedelic space rock” description sounded good. “Fuck! A Monster” was listed as the opening act on the ad I saw, but given that members are also in FatherDoug (who was playing in Medford at the same time), I figured that wouldn’t happen. Arlo Brooks, who is in Fuck! A Monster but not FatherDoug, opened. His set was a trip, and everything he used to make the sounds he created fit in his backpack.

Northwest Pizza & Pasta Co. – Ashland, Oregon

pizza by the fire

Northwest Pizza & Pasta Co.'s new lunch special

I have always been a fan Northwest Pizza & Pasta Co. in Ashland. They have some of the best pizza in town (behind Martolli’s and Standing Stone but ahead of Great American and Giseppi’s in my opinion). There are new owners who have recently remodeled the place and changed the lunch special (no more salad bar but the lunch special still includes a salad). The pizza hasn’t changed much.

north west pizza ashland oregon

Northwest Pizza & Pasta Co. in Ashland, Oregon - new interior

No more ordering at a counter. They have a couple of new, big-screen TVs too.

northwest pizza pasta ashland oregon restaurants

pizza in ashland oregon

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