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Top photos of 2016

100 Watt Mind in Lithia Park

According to Flickr “favorites” these were my top five (non-sports) photos of 2016 from Southern Oregon. Not all of the photos were taken in 2016; rather, these are the photos most “favorited” in 2016.

Alien Abduction

Winter at Crater Lake

Muir Creek

Autumn Leaves in the Rain

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My top 2016 sports-related photos are here.

Trail Gulch Lake

11 photo photomerge trail gulch lake california

11-photo photomerge

@TipSquirrel #photography #phototips #photomerge #photoshop

I wasn’t thinking when I grabbed my D500 (crop sensor) instead of my D750 (full frame) to go on a hike this past Sunday. The D750 with a 24-120mm f/4G lens is perfect for hiking. The D500 turns that lens into a 36-180mm lens. I don’t really need 180mm on a hike, but I do need 24mm. When that happens the solution is to photomerge. I did so with the photo above. However, I didn’t like how much of the water at my feet wouldn’t fit. So, for the first time, I tried a different technique.

Normally I photomerge by shooting vertical images from left to right and then merge them together as a horizontal panorama. For the image below I shot vertical images from left to right, but instead of shooting one and moving right I shot one and moved down to take a second before moving right. Something like this:

1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22

I didn’t know if Photoshop would be able to merge them together, but there were no issues.

23-photo photomerge

22-photo photomerge

Before and after

photo straight out of the camera

photo straight out of the camera

@SOURaiders @souwbb @ADurand25

I try to shoot so that I have to do as little editing after the fact as possible. The photo, above, needed some work.

sou women's basketball Autumn Durand

Autumn Durand

The Raiders are now 21-1 after last night’s 111-33 victory. Tuesday night’s game (2/9/16) will be a big one against OIT in Ashland. The winner will be in first place in the Cascade Conference. The crowd will be huge. Get there early if you want a seat (and a free t-shirt).

Top sports photos of the year

According to Flickr “favorites” these were my top sports-related photos of 2015. Note that I don’t post many of my sports photos on Flickr (maybe one a week on average).

Blue Eyes

Levitating is not against the rules

mOcean Volleyball Club in Reno

Diving Catch

Math Major

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Top photos of the year

According to Flickr “favorites” these were my top photos of 2015 (not sports related) from Southern Oregon:

10-photo photomerged panorama from Hobart Bluff

Greensprings Highway

The top two photos were taken on the same day.

Waterfall near Boundary Springs

Before the storm

Tomorrow I’ll post my top sports-related photos from Southern Oregon.

The Whole Picture (part 18)

SOU volleyball Courtney Macklin Nila Lukens Corynn Kopra

Courtney Macklin and Corynn Kopra covering Nila Lukens’ kill

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB @RinnieThePoooh @nillawafer_8

After a sporting event that I’ve taken photos of, I usually do a quick run through of the pics and delete about half of them. The reasons for the deletions vary, but they usually consist of one or more of the following: subject out of focus, lack of action, awkward face, lighting that can’t be salvaged, lack of eyes/ball in frame, and/or already have a similar photo that is better.

When I first saw this photo, my finger went to the delete key since the potential subject (Nila) is out of focus. Then I paused a bit and looked at Courtney and Corynn. I immediately realized that they were the real subjects. I had prefocused on someone at the net before taking this, as it is extremely difficult to get a decent focus in gym lighting if you try to focus at the last second (especially when you are on the opposite side of the net from your subject).

I don’t know if I have any shots of really good “covering” that were intentionally set up that way, but this one looks like it was. Therefore, it became a keeper. Actually it’s one of my favorite volleyball shots due to its uniqueness. There are loads of great volleyball kill photos out there, but how many good shots of players covering a potential block do you see?

Life in Ashland


George McKay grabbing a photo of the SOU men’s basketball team

Once upon a time this blog was supposed to be only about Ashland and would include mostly landscapes, places, and street photography in town. As time has passed, most posts these days are about bands coming through town or athletics in Ashland.

Several years ago I met George. Neither one of us knew it prior to our meeting, but we had similar blogs going. George’s Life in Ashland blog has remained true to the Ashland street photography theme that “Ashland Daily Photo” once did on a more regular basis.

George is also on Instagram now. You can follow him here. I’m on Instagram too. I don’t post daily there like I do here, but you can follow me on Instagram here.

BIG final edition

football book

I continue to get lots of questions about the photo book documenting the SOU 2014 football season. One of the main questions is about the differences between the editions. There are three editions.

The first edition was an 8.5″ x 11″ softcover with 33 pages inside and was limited to a print run of just 10 copies. It sold for $50 each and sold out in 48 hours.

The second edition was an 8.5″ x 11″ hardcover with 43 pages inside and was limited to a print run of 30 copies. It sold for $80 each, and there is only one copy left here.

When it became clear a little over a week ago that all copies were going to be sold I realized that I hadn’t kept a copy for myself. I began tinkering with the second edition to make a single copy and eventually it grew into 51 pages and a much larger size (11″ x 14″). A couple of the photos in this edition are huge. (11″ x 28″!) After having spent a few hours on this third edition, I decided I should probably print more than just one copy so I printed 10. I’m keeping one. I’m donating two copies that were autographed by the entire team, coaching staff, and Mr. Raider this past Saturday at the awards banquet. One of these copies can be yours if you submit one of the two winning bids at the 2015 SOU Raider Club Scholarship Dinner and Auction on April 23, 2015. All proceeds will go to future SOU student athletes to help offset some of their tuition so bid high as this is a great cause.

A bunch of other copies were snatched up at the awards banquet by parents. I do have two (unsigned, sealed) copies of the third edition remaining for $100 each. Email me if interested.

SOU football awards brunch autographs

autographs of the 2014 NAIA Football National Champion SOU Raiders

SOU football awards brunch melvin mason siging book

Melvin Mason signing coffee table photo book of the champions

SOU basketball still on the road

SOU basketball Eric Thompson

SOU basketball – Eric Thompson (edited)


The SOU men’s basketball team continues their road games tonight against Simpson. This will be their fifth (of ten) consecutive road games. Today’s photo comes from their game against Simpson in Ashland earlier this month.

I sometimes have photographers (who have never been in the Riehm Arena) tell me how lucky I am to have such good lighting in a gym. HA! They have no idea how happy I will be to see the new gym lighting when McNeal Pavilion is torn down and the new facility is built. I have shot in many gyms and McNeal has the most difficult lighting. It is a yellow flicker. Most high schools have much better lighting.

Anyway, to give you an idea of how much I have to edit to come up with the photo you see above, check out how the original image started below.

SOU basketball - Eric Thompson (unedited)

SOU basketball – Eric Thompson (unedited)

RAW vs jpg (#6 or 7 or something)

jpg image, straight out of the camera

jpg image, straight out of the camera

I have mentioned several times before that there are situations where images shot as jpgs are “throw aways” that had they been shot in RAW format could be salvaged.

Today’s comparison is one such example. With a rainbow outside a dimly-lit gym, I had the choice of shooting the rainbow and getting a nearly black gym (above) or shooting the action on the court and getting a white sky (not shown). By shooting in RAW I was able to process the above image to come up with what you see below.

ahs volleyball rainbow

Ashland High School volleyball – rainbow out gym window in front of Grizzly Peak

By the way, Ashland won last night, advanced to the Sweet 16 in state, and will be playing in St. Helens on Saturday. The winner moves on to the Elite 8 round.

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