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Political pink flamingos


Election 2016 – Make America Lawn Ornaments Again

My neighbor’s pink flamingo lawn ornaments are getting political.

2 weeks to go


My neighbor’s lawn ornaments are ready. Are you?

June Bride

Wedding Season

Happy Easter!

Last year’s costumes

Beware the Ides of March

pink flamingos lawn ornaments beware the ides of march julius ceasar

Perhaps Julius Caesar would have gotten the message 2,060 years ago if his next door neighbor had a pink flamingo lawn ornament display like I do.

Happy Valentine’s Day

pink flamingos lawn ornaments valentine's day

Tis the season

pink flamingo christmas

pink flamingo lawn ornaments decorated for Christmas

Dead flamingos

halloween flamingos pink black skeleton

skeleton flamingos for Halloween

Unlike last year’s ghost and witch dress ups, this year’s flamingos decided to dress down for the occasion.

Summertime flamingos

summer pink flamingos lawn ornaments dress up costumes

Peace baby!

For photos of my neighbor’s pink flamingos in other seasons click here.

Cap and gown

pink flamingo lawn ornaments cap and gown commencement graduation

My final exams have been given, many of the seniors are done, and this Saturday they will be walking at Raider Stadium. Meanwhile, my neighbor’s flamingos have been sporting their graduation attire for more than a week.

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