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Photos from the 2014 Festival of Light celebration

2014 festival of light parade

2014 Festival of Light tree (Ashland, Oregon)

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Downtown Ashland, Oregon before the 2014 Festival of Light Parade including the Ashland Springs Hotel and the Varsity Theater

Downtown Ashland, Oregon before the 2014 Festival of Light Parade including the Ashland Springs Hotel and the Varsity Theatre

Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, and Rudolph at Brickroom (formerly Alex's)

Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, and Rudolph at Brickroom (formerly Alex’s)

2014 festival of light parade

2014 Festival of Light Parade dancers

Art FX Fine Jewelry

Art FX Fine Jewelry ashland artfx 20mm oregon

Another one from Ashland today with my wide angle, manual, prime lens.

Ashland’s Plaza – before the dawn

noah's river adventures the black sheep greenleaf before dawn ashland oregon

Ashland’s Plaza before the face lift

downtown ashland xmas lights night

Ashland Plaza – 2012 Holiday Lights

The plaza in Downtown Ashland was once covered in trees. Right now there is nothing but a big mud hole. Apparently, one of the trees was diseased and another had some sort of future problem. So nearly everything has been ripped out, and a new plaza will be emerging in the next few months. Things are supposed to look good again by the end of March.

Today’s photo is of the last glimpse of one of the now gone trees. This tree was the last one in town to retain its autumn leaves–well into December.

Intuitive Compass – Zombie Gypsy Punk from Ashland

Intuitive Compass nora odea

Nora O'Dea on Resophonic Mandolin for Intuitive Compass

intuitive compass made up as zombies

Intuitive Compass playing some tunes after the Ashland Halloween Parade

Wyatt Yurth of Intuitive compass on zombie banjo

Wyatt Yurth's zombie on banjo for Intuitive Compass

I’m not normally a huge fan of bluegrass music (even though Intuitive Compass’s strand of bluegrass is more than a bit twisted), but after the Ashland Halloween Parade I enjoyed listening to Intuitive Compass, who set up in the middle of the normally busy street on the Ashland Plaza. Perhaps it was the beer, or the costumes, or Wyatt Yurth’s resemblance to Mikael Akerfeldt; all I know is I felt very good at the time.

intuitive compass Daniel Wyatt

Zombie Daniel Wyatt playing the stand-up bass for Intuitive Compass Parade 2011 (6 of 7) Parade 2011 heads into Ashland's plaza

S&M couple Sadomasochism

Beth Coye, author of My Navy Too, served as parade Grand Marshal.

Southern Oregon University students march in SOPride Parade 2011

Siskiyou Boulevard before the dawn

before dawn night photography

Just another photo from my pre-dawn photos I took a few weeks back. This one is from the plaza in downtown Ashland looking up Siskiyou Blvd. towards the Ashland Springs Hotel which you can see in the distance.

Ashland Halloween Parade on the Plaza

This photo is from the 2008 parade. If you get tired of looking at costumes you can always check out the fall foliage. For some of my 2009 Halloween photos (not of Ashland since I’m living in Tokyo for the year) click here.

Downtown Ashland before the dawn

brew bar the black sheep noah's river adventures

Continuing the series I began a couple weeks ago, here are some downtown businesses long before they opened for the day.

Another photo of The Black Sheep can be found here.

If you have a large screen, click on the image for a bigger view so you can see your options with Noah’s River Adventures. Do you want to go down the Rogue River, Klamath River, or Salmon River today?

The Black Sheep on the Fourth of July

black sheep ashland oregon fourth of july parade

Being in the parade provided a unique vantage point for taking pictures. I’ve shown you The Black Sheep before, but it is funner this way with dozens of people in front of it, smiling at you, as you go down the parade route in a truck pulling a float.

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