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Flashback Friday

Moonlight on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

My random, desktop image of the day comes from three summers ago.

Rogue River Gorge Viewpoint

Rogue River Gorge

On our way back from Crater Lake a couple weeks ago we stopped at the Rogue River Gorge Viewpoint where I took this photo. The parking lot is covered in snow this time of year so if you want to see the gorge you’ll want a good pair of shoes on so you can walk through a bit of snow to get to the paved trail. Park near Beckie’s Cafe.

Sawbills on the Rogue River

Common Merganser

Aerial view of Table Rock

Table Rock

The view out the window of the plane on my way to Hawaii earlier this week.

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge in the Rogue River

Today’s photo comes from my snowshoeing adventure a couple weekend’s ago. Although I’ve turned out at Rogue River Gorge Viewpoint on Highway 62 more than a dozen times over the years, I had never been to Natural Bridge Viewpoint before. The two are very close to each other, but Natural Bridge is a bit off the highway.

During winter you can’t get to the viewpoint via a car. That fact made this trek interesting for me. I was able to park in the normal turnout on Highway 62 even though the road (Rd 300 on Google maps) is not plowed. There was room for maybe three cars, but mine was the only one there on this day. From there I walked on snowshoes a little over half a mile to this location.

The Rogue River was higher than normal so the natural bridge in today’s photo isn’t that visible, but in person the scene was pretty spectacular. Water goes underground, through a lava tube, before exiting back into the Rogue River 250 feet downstream.


northwest rafting rogue river

Wild and Scenic Rogue River

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

Throwing it back to last summer when we spent four days and three nights on the Rogue River.

Rogue River Gorge

rogue river gorge

Rogue River Gorge (Union Creek, Oregon)

Another photo from the Rogue River

Wild and Scenic Rogue River

Wild and Scenic Rogue River

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

The group in the raft in today’s photo sang most of the time as they made their way down the Rogue. Great acoustics in the river it turns out, and their voices were good too.

Blossom Bar

rogue river blossom bar

Rogue River’s Blossom Bar

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

Today’s photo features our trip leader, Dustin of Northwest Rafting Co., taking a duckie (AKA single-person raft) down the river’s most difficult rapid. On average, more than one person a year dies in these rapids. We all made it through without even capsizing. However, only the guides rode the single-person rafts down. The private group after us wasn’t so lucky. They were all OK though.

Once upon a time, Blossom Bar was impassable. Glen Wooldridge made Blossom Bar passable in the 20th Century by using strategically placed charges of dynamite. He would row up to a rock, drop dynamite onto the other side of the rock, and then quickly row away. He repeated this process until Blossom Bar became configured the way it is today.

Wild & Scenic Rogue River

Coffee Pot on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River

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