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Wild and Scenic Rogue River

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

Throwing it back to last summer when we spent four days and three nights on the Rogue River.

Rogue River Gorge

rogue river gorge

Rogue River Gorge (Union Creek, Oregon)

Another photo from the Rogue River

Wild and Scenic Rogue River

Wild and Scenic Rogue River

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

The group in the raft in today’s photo sang most of the time as they made their way down the Rogue. Great acoustics in the river it turns out, and their voices were good too.

Blossom Bar

rogue river blossom bar

Rogue River’s Blossom Bar

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

Today’s photo features our trip leader, Dustin of Northwest Rafting Co., taking a duckie (AKA single-person raft) down the river’s most difficult rapid. On average, more than one person a year dies in these rapids. We all made it through without even capsizing. However, only the guides rode the single-person rafts down. The private group after us wasn’t so lucky. They were all OK though.

Once upon a time, Blossom Bar was impassable. Glen Wooldridge made Blossom Bar passable in the 20th Century by using strategically placed charges of dynamite. He would row up to a rock, drop dynamite onto the other side of the rock, and then quickly row away. He repeated this process until Blossom Bar became configured the way it is today.

Wild & Scenic Rogue River

Coffee Pot on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River

The Wild & Scenic Rogue River

rogue river before horseshoe bend ryan ellie

Rogue River before Horseshoe Bend

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

I have never come back from a vacation with so many bumps, bites, bruises, and burns, but the memories are fantastic. I’ll be posting more photos from our four days on the Rogue River here and here.


rogue river

Rogue River (Rainie Falls)

Rainie Falls on the Rogue River is considered Class V whitewater (AKA waterfall). Most people go around it by going down the fish ladder. This lady didn’t and she fell out of her boat. Rather than dive into the waterfall and swim for the shore, she waited for a rescue boat to come down which she jumped in as it went by.

For a wider angle view of this location (and directions if you want to hike the trail), click here.

BTW, we are going down the Rogue next week. We’ve never done more than a day trip before, but we will spend four days on the river going from Galice to Foster Bar. We will be camping for three nights and passing the location of today’s photo on day one. We will also encounter six sets of Class III rapids and a Class IV.

Upper Rogue River in winter

Yesterday we went in search of Boundary Springs. We couldn’t find the trailhead (or maybe we did and just didn’t know it). In any event, we parked at the Mazama Viewpoint off Highway 230 as we could see no other place to park near the Mile 19 marker, which is where we read the trail is supposed to start. The sign at Mazama Viewpoint said Upper Rogue River Trail (I think). There was no internet from there, but my GPS worked fine. It looked like we could still do the Boundary Springs Trail if we could find it.

Even though there should have been tons of snow in the area, the snow was fairly minimal–especially for this time of year–so we didn’t bother to put our snowshoes on. We ended up walking on the trail for several miles before realizing we were no longer going toward Boundary Springs. At that point we turned around, walked back to our car, drove to Crater Lake, and snowshoed there.

I want to try the Boundary Springs Trail again. I saw this sign, but couldn’t read it. Apparently this is where we should have turned to get to Boundary Springs.

White water rafting

Klamath-Siskiyou Photo Contest Rogue Wilderness Adventures

Several months ago I entered the Klamath-Siskiyou Photo Contest, and even though they haven’t updated their website yet, I won! I don’t remember exactly which photo I submitted, but it may have been this one. In any event, the prize was a one-day rafting trip for two on the beautiful Rogue River with Rogue Wilderness Adventures. Today we took that trip, and my daughter took this photo of me enjoying some Class II rapids.

Speaking of contests, I’m about to enter another and need your help. Please click here and then let me know which two photos you think are my best chances to win.

Oregon creek

This creek is a tributary to the Rogue River near Galice, Oregon (northwest of Ashland).