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Beaux Cheveux @ The Haul in Grants Pass

 adrian conner hells belles rogue theatre

Adrian Conner

@HellsBellesUSA #hellsbelles #acdc #womenrock @SpazKittyAdrian @BeauxCheveuxrox @clemthegreat @slowcorpse

Tomorrow night (11/2/18), Adrian (of Hells Belles) and Clementine (of Zepparella) will unite as Beaux Cheveux to excite and delight you. Slow Corpse is the opener.

Hell’s Belles returns to Southern Oregon

Hells Belles

@HellsBellesUSA #hellsbelles #acdc #womenrock @SpazKittyAdrian

Friday, October 26 is the day. Rogue Theatre is the place. You don’t want to miss this. Tickets at the door or here.

MarchFourth in Ashland this week

marchfourth rogue theatre march fourth


@M4MB @LiveAtTheArmory

MarchFourth returns to Southern Oregon this week with an appearance at the Ashland Armory on Thursday evening (6/14/18).

marchfourth rogue theatre

MarchFourth in Southern Oregon

The Love Song

yellow truck american flag grants pass sunset

Grants Pass patriot sunset

#redneck @marilynmanson @mmfa

Only rarely do I get involved with politics on the internet, but here goes.

A few months back I was heading to a show at the Rogue Theatre, and there was an amazing sunset happening. As I was about to take a photo of it, I saw this yahoo come out of a liquor store and jump in his bright yellow truck. With country music blaring and an engine putting out far more noise than was necessary he crossed the street and into my shot above. Immediately, his tires screeched to a halt, and he turned his truck in my direction.

He pulled up to me with one hand on his steering wheel and the other on, I can only guess, a gun in his lap. He yells at me, “What are you taking a photo of?!?!” To which I pointed at the sky and respond, “have you not noticed the sunset tonight?” He cussed and drove off, probably to his trailer park to consume his new purchase from the liquor store.

Once upon a time, I’m ashamed to admit, I was fairly right wing in my thinking. I was a proud patriot like this guy (well, maybe not that bad). Then, something happened. I lived in and traveled to many other countries. I found out that America wasn’t nearly as “special” as my upbringing led me to believe. People in other countries were nice, had different ways of thinking, and (gasp) actually had ways of doing things that were better than those in the USA.

“‘Do you love your guns?’
‘The government?’
Fuck yeah!”
— Marilyn Manson

Pigs on the Wing @ Rogue Theatre

pigs on the wing rogue theatre

Pigs on the Wing (Pink Floyd tribute band) @ Rogue Theatre on May 18, 2018


Pigs on the Wing this Friday in Grants Pass

Pigs On The Wing Wow Hall Eugene Jason Baker

Pigs On The Wing @ Eugene’s WOW Hall in 2015


Pigs on the Wing (Pink Floyd tribute band)

More Cruella photos from the Rogue Theatre gig

cruella rogue theatre rob conrad

Rob Conrad

cruella rogue theatre jym harris

Jym Harris

cruella rogue theatre charles nelson

Charles Nelson

cruella rogue theatre roger decarlo

Roger DeCarlo

Y&T @ Rogue Theatre

I Only Party With The Best

@YandTRocks @AaronLeighynt @DaveMeniketti

Y&T were huge in the San Francisco Bay Area when I was growing up. The radio stations (KOME, KSJO, KRQR) played songs off of Earthshaker, Black Tiger, and Mean Streak as much as they played Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, or AC/DC. I’m always a little surprised when I talk to people outside of the Bay Area about Y&T who haven’t heard of Y&T or only know Contagious and/or Summertime Girls (two songs I don’t particularly care for and never have heard–except live). I checked out after Mean Streak when they went soft.

born to rock oakland california y&t

Anyway, it’s odd to see them playing relatively small venues, outside the Bay Area, and the fan base knowing the songs I don’t know and not really getting that into the songs I love. That said, the only disappointing thing from my March 17, 2018 evening in Grants Pass was the omission of Midnight in Tokyo from the setlist. I’ve enjoyed over a thousand, real “midnights in Tokyo” and could have used another.

y&t rogue theatre Aaron Leigh

Aaron Leigh

Dave Meniketti y&t rogue theatre

Cruella @ Rogue Theatre

Rogue Theatre sunset

Opening for Y&T last night in Grants Pass was Cruella. And opening for Cruella was an amazing sunset.

cruella rogue theatre jym harris

Jym Harris

cruella rogue theatre Roger DeCarlo

Roger DeCarlo

cruella rogue theatre charles nelson

Charles Nelson

cruella rogue theatre rob conrad

Rob Conrad

cruella rogue theatre setlist

Cruella setlist (3/17/18)

cruella rogue theatre theater

Cruella in the Rogue Theatre

Y&T and Cruella coming to Southern Oregon

Y&T will be back at the Rogue Theatre in March.

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