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Rugby line out in prom dresses

line out rugby football prom dresses
successful line out rugby football

Similar to soccer, when the ball goes out of play in rugby someone must throw it in. Very different from soccer (football outside the USA), players are lifted up to tip the ball to their team (known as a “line-out” in rugby lingo). A line-out becomes a bit awkward when the players are wearing dresses and hands are going under them.

Prom Dress Rugby

women's rugby

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby - Prom Dress Game 2012

Like any prom, corsages were required at the Prom Dress Rugby game. Those with yellow corsages were on one team and those with pink ones were on the other.

Scoring at the prom

rugby try equals five points

Having never watched or played rugby before, I’m learning the rules and scoring just from the two games I’ve attended this year. The maneuver pictured above is known as a “try” and is accomplished by grounding the ball beyond the goal line. Five points are the result. Prom dresses are optional.

Prom Dress Rugby tackle instructions

tackle emily shade southern oregon university
sou womens rugby prom dress girls female
BRUTLE hit female on female tackle rugby football southern oregon university
southern oregon university girl on girl wrestling tackle
action sports girls ladies women
Southern Oregon University women's rugby tackling football
dancing or fighting in prom dress
girls in prom dresses playing rugby football
female sporting events rugby
corsage prom dress
tacky prom dress rugby girls

Prom dress women’s rugby week

sou womens rugby prom dress girls female

As mentioned previously, I’m out of town this week and next. If all went well I’ve been in New York City for a few hours at the time this post hits the internet.

For the next seven days, or so, I’ll post a photo (or sequence of photos showing a tackle from beginning to end) a day of the Prom Dress Rugby match that took place in Ashland on June 9. Enjoy!

Prom Dress Rugby

southern oregon university prom dress rugby team females tackling

Southern Oregon University Prom Dress Rugby Game

Following in the traditions of generations of mothers and grandmothers, the SOU Women’s Rugby team put on their finest prom dresses and headed out to the rugby pitch this past Saturday afternoon. It was supposed to be a friendly game, but the sounds coming from the field and the hits being applied seemed far from civil.

Next week I will be in New York, so while I’m gone I think I will pre-blog a week’s worth of photos from the prom dress rugby event to keep you entertained in my absence.

Rugby animation

women's rugby animation gif jpg

The above is my first attempt to animate a series of images. The color and texture got messed up on conversion. In addition, I made it too large so it doesn’t work at any resolution other than the original. If you are on a big screen, though, click on the above image for the animation.

Here is one of the files used to make the animation sequence.

southern oregon university women's rugby plunge to the goal

More SOU Women’s Rugby photos

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby

female rugby sports photography

2012 Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby Team

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby

sou rugby

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby

OIT oregon institute technology women's rugby girls female

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby vs. OIT - March 10, 2012

Southern Oregon University Women’s Rugby

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby

I watched rugby for the first time ever yesterday. I believe this was the first match that SOU Women’s Rugby has ever had in Ashland. The weather was great, and the photography was fun. For sports photography, rugby can’t be beat for tackles, hits, and facial expressions.

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby

I have a few dozen more, but for today I’ll just leave you with these.

OIT emily shade southern oregon university rugby female

oregon rugby women female girls

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby club sport souraiders raiders

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