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Happy birthday, Ryan!

Ryan descending Pilot Rock

Kids are gone again

ryan ellie peaches

Ryan and Ellie peach picking in 2015

Back to college for the kids and back to work for me.

The Wild & Scenic Rogue River

rogue river before horseshoe bend ryan ellie

Rogue River before Horseshoe Bend

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

I have never come back from a vacation with so many bumps, bites, bruises, and burns, but the memories are fantastic. I’ll be posting more photos from our four days on the Rogue River here and here.

Throwback Thursday

ryan ellie pita pit ashland oregon

A mere six years ago, pre-Japan or P.J. on the Case-family-Anno-Domini timeline, my kids looked like this at the downtown Ashland Pita Pit.

AHS Class of 2014 Graduation in Lithia Park

AHS 2012 graduation

Lithia Park – Ashland High School Graduation Ceremony

My little guy is graduating from high school tonight in Lithia Park.

ryan case

Hobart Peak

Ellie Ryan Hobart Peak southern oregon pct hiking pacific crest trail ashland oregon

Ellie & Ryan on Hobart Peak looking north toward Emigrant Lake and Ashland

After living in Ashland for nearly 14 years, I thought I had been on every nearby hike. Turns out I was wrong. Hobart Peak (AKA Hobart Bluff) is more of a walk than a hike as it isn’t long (about 3 miles round trip) and only has a bit of elevation gain near the end. The sky was completely blue on the day we went. I want to go again for a sunrise or sunset or between storms.

If you are in Ashland and want to check it out, get on Highway 66 toward the Green Springs. After a little less than 15 miles from Oak Tree Northwest Bar & Grill, turn right onto Soda Mountain Road. In about 3.5 miles park at the trail marker near a meadow. You’ll be on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) initially. A sign a mile in will direct you to the left to get to the location in today’s photo.

We’re Ducks

Ryan and I in 2000

Ryan and I in 2000

My little boy is all grown up now and will be heading off to college this fall. He has decided to go to the University of Oregon. I’ve been rather indifferent about the Oregon schools (other than SOU where I work of course) until now, but from here on out I will be a fan of the Ducks.

Raider Club Auction

Raider Club Auction 2014
Oregon Ducks football helmet signed by SOU Alumnus and current U of O Coach Mark Helfrich and Marcus Mariota with three of my prints to the right

Old Mission Santa Barbara Friars

ryan ellie friars mission santa barbara

Feliz Navidad from the friars of Old Mission Santa Barbara

Rogue Brewery

rogue ales ashland oregon

Rogue Ales (aka Rogue Brewery) began in Ashland back in the 1980s. They are now located in Newport, Oregon (nowhere near the Rogue Valley or the Rogue River), but they have kept the name. Today’s photo is from their location in the Portland Airport (Rogue Ales at the Portland Airport (PDX)).

Floater @ OIT

oregon institute of technology floater band

Rob Wynia of Floater

I headed over the Green Springs on Highway 66 last night with my son and his friend to see Floater perform at Oregon Tech (OIT) in Klamath Falls. I have never really been to Klamath Falls before even though it less than two hours from Ashland. I have been through it a few times, but the last time was probably five years ago. So this was my first time on the OIT campus. Floater basically played at the end of the hallway in the student union building, not your typical concert venue.

oregon tech floater pete drums

The stage was only a foot off the ground (if that), there were no spot lights, and strong sunlight was coming in through the blinds behind the band for the first few songs so conditions and lighting were really poor for photography or for just seeing the band (as you’ll especially note in the video at the end).

floater crowd at oit oregon tech

The crowd was enthusiastic and appreciative. That’s my son, Ryan, in the middle there (with all of the hair) trying to get a mosh pit going. I’m proud to say he succeeded.

David Amador guitar floater oregon tech

David Amador on guitar for Floater

I’ll process a few more photos of Floater from last night and post them tomorrow.

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