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Tonight on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

sammich burg ashland oregon

Sammich’s Da Burg

#DDD @sammichashland @GuyFieri #Flavortown @FoodNetwork

I believe the episode will be called “Triple D Nation: Stuffed Stuff”. You can watch it on the Food Network at 9 p.m. PST.

Eat good, do good

Alex Howell fundraiser

Alex Howell fundraiser


If you didn’t know who Alex was, watch this.

Hammich @ Sammich

sammich ashland oregon hammich giardiniera

Sammich’s Hammich with giardiniera


sammich menu board

Sammich menu board 2015

Sammich’s “melt my heart away”

sammich melt my heart away

Sammich‘s “melt my heart away” (Ashland, Oregon)

@sammichashland @TravelOregon

So good. So good.

sammich melt my heart away

Sammich’s specials board

Sammich open today (Sunday)

sammich joey's spicy and mamacita

Sammich (Ashland, Oregon) – Joey’s Spicy and Mamacita


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone for a Sammich on Sunday only to realize along the way, or once I got there, that they are closed on Sunday. Not anymore. Sammich is now open from 11-4 on Sundays.

Today’s lunch

sammich ashland the burg burger

Sammich‘s Burg


My barber and my lunch spot

left coast barber shop sammich ashland oregon

Left Coast Barber Shop and Sammich (Ashland, Oregon)

Sammich (part 5)

sammich pastrami on baguette russian dressing slaw

Sammich (Ashland, Oregon)
pastrami on baguette w/ russian dressing, swiss cheese, and slaw

I’m not a big rye guy so I have had my pastrami sandwiches at Sammich on a baguette instead. Good stuff.

Sammich’s Michael

 sammich michael slow cooked beef with bbq sauce and slaw

Sammich “Michael”
(slow cooked beef with bbq sauce and slaw)

In my never-ending quest to eat everything on the Sammich menu, including the constantly changing specials, I offer one of those specials for your visual consumption–Michael.

Note that Sammich is very kid friendly. While waiting for my order on this day I successfully completed drawings (not really) both in the Happy Holidays Cat in the Hat and Angry Birds coloring books you can see behind the Michael.

Sammich’s Burg

sammich burg cheese burger

Sammich “Burg”
Ashland, Oregon

I had gone through nearly all of Sammich’s regular menu and enjoyed many of their specials as well before I tried the Burg. Typically I only order burgers at places when the rest of the menu stinks so it seemed pointless to order a burger at a place where the rest of the menu is fantastic.

Alas, my thinking was off, and I should have tried Sammich’s Burg long before. My first one was so good that the last two times I have gone to Sammich I have repeated my order. Unlike other places (which shall remain unnamed) in which the burger is sometimes undercooked, sometimes overdone, and sometimes features a stale bun, all three of my Burgs at Sammich have been identical in their deliciousness.

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