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Sammich’s Burg

sammich burg cheese burger

Sammich “Burg”
Ashland, Oregon

I had gone through nearly all of Sammich’s regular menu and enjoyed many of their specials as well before I tried the Burg. Typically I only order burgers at places when the rest of the menu stinks so it seemed pointless to order a burger at a place where the rest of the menu is fantastic.

Alas, my thinking was off, and I should have tried Sammich’s Burg long before. My first one was so good that the last two times I have gone to Sammich I have repeated my order. Unlike other places (which shall remain unnamed) in which the burger is sometimes undercooked, sometimes overdone, and sometimes features a stale bun, all three of my Burgs at Sammich have been identical in their deliciousness.

Sammich menu board

sammich ashland oregon Miguelito

Last night’s dinner consisted of a another delicious Sammich. Not the one pictured above, that one is from the archives. I didn’t have my camera with me last night. The one above was a special (Miguelito) and hence not on the regular menu board (pictured below).

sammich menu board ashland

Sammich menu board
Ashland, Oregon

Sammich Ashland

sammich ashland chicago italian beef sandwich

Sammich – Ashland, Oregon
Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich

I have become a bit addicted to Sammich since they opened their doors earlier this year. I think I have tried everything on the menu at least once now, and the Chicago Italian Beef may be my favorite (although nothing has disappointed). I love the potato salad too.

If you haven’t experienced Sammich yet, you can find it near the corner of Bridge Street and Siskyou Boulevard, across from SOU, behind Mihama.

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