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Happy birthday, Michael Roots!

sou football michael roots

#7 Michael Roots

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Racecar_Roots

Congratulations to Paul Matyas!

Paul Matyas

Paul Matyas

@SOURaiders @MatyasPaul

Details here.

Player of the Week

Ben DeSaulnier

@SOURaiders @BenDesaulnier23

Details here.

The silver lining

Ken White Field at Reinhardt University Stadium

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @CoachHall_SOU @Reinhardt_Univ @RU_Eagles @R_U_Football

Saturday’s loss was painful, but there is a silver lining. Due to the NAIA’s odd ranking system, which rewards prior season record more than current season wins against strong opponents, SOU will likely begin 2018 with a #3 or #4 ranking. In 2017 it took an undefeated season in the toughest conference just to get to #5. Had the Raiders started 2017 at #3 or #4 they would have probably ended up at #2 and received home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Busy weekend

@SOURaiders @souwbb @MustBeCASEY @BenDesaulnier23 @SOU_Football @DevvonGage

Player of the Week

sou womens basketball remi mejia

Remi Mejia

@SOURaiders @souwbb

Remi Mejia is the CCC women’s basketball Player of the Week. She led 7-0 SOU in scoring all three games last week, averaging 23.7 points.

Raiders up to #2 on Massey, Saturday predictions

sou football tanner trosin

Tanner Trosin

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @NAIA @PlayNAIA #PlayNAIA #NAIAfootball

The road show continued yesterday with another SOU victory. Once again, Massey has the wrong teams being given home field advantage.

Reinhardt’s offense is not as good as Lindsey Wilson’s so I don’t know why Massey “thinks” they will score more on SOU’s defense. I predict another SOU victory, 30-20.

One day, One photo, Mo time, Go time


@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @bangout_marcuss

Details (including viewing locations) here.

2 days to go so 2 new photos

sou football isiah carter masi josiah maglente-tonu

Josiah Maglente-Tonu hits Hayden Gibson as he releases the ball which…

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football ‏@JosiahMaglente

With just two days left, I thought I’d go with a two-shot sequence today.

sou football aj cooper interception

…ended up in the hands of AJ Cooper for an interception

3 days to go so 3 new photos

sou football chase cole

Chase Cole

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @DevvonGage @Chasecole31

sou football raider stadium national anthem

sou football devvon gage kevin blueford

Kevin Blueford and Devvon Gage

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