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Six summers ago

Speed Inflatable Water Rider Tube Boat Towable lake of the woods chris stanek

Lake of the Woods (Southern Oregon)

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Six and a half years ago…

Two Lakes For The Price Of One

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Have a peachy Wednesday!

Peaches in Ashland, Oregon

Muir Creek in summer

muir creek southern oregon

Muir Creek (Southern Oregon)

As opposed to winter, where things look a little different.

Summer Screwball Series

blend scienceworks movies

“His Girl Friday” projected on the side of ScienceWorks (6/14/15)

@ashlandfilm @LaurelSager


This summer you can watch movies at ScienceWorks outdoors every other Sunday evening. It’s sort of like a drive-in movie experience.

Pink flamingos @ the beach

summer pink flamingos lawn ornament

My neighbors’ flamingos briefly went back to their Memorial Day look for the 4th of July, but last week they decided to go with a second summer look. The first summer look, you may remember, featured a hula theme. This new look has them slipping on their flip-flops, shades, and heading to the pool.

Summer is winding down

lake of the woods 2013

Lake of the Woods
Southern Oregon

Temperatures are dropping, especially at night. Let’s not forget just how much fun was had in summer as we head into a hopefully equally exciting fall season.

Back to school

beatty oregon girls swimsuits jumping into lake

end of summer

Not for me, but for my kids, today they go back to school after a summer break that included good times like the above. My summer break continues for another few weeks.

Lake of the Woods

lake of the woods summer

Lake of the Woods - Southern Oregon

At the end of our bike ride we found ourselves back at Lake of the Woods.

Water Street

train tracks blue cloudy sky

As I walked out of the Ashland Recycling Center on Water Street the other day I had the above view. I like the empty box car over the mini tunnel. These same tracks eventually turn into this scene.

The Ashland Recycling Center is right next to a skateboard/bike park. I’m guessing that is where the biker in the tunnel is about to go.

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