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Good morning Ashland

sunrise ashland oregon

Ashland, Oregon sunrise

Today’s photo comes from a sunrise from last week. Today there is nothing but fog.

Grizzly Peak Sunrise

Sunrise hits Grizzly Peak

Today’s photo is from this morning. The whole town was in shadow, but Grizzly Peak was glowing.

A new day dawns

sunrise contrails ashland oregon

Contrails sunrise over Ashland, Oregon

Autumn sunrise

autumn sunrise ashland oregon

Ashland, Oregon

A scene out my window this morning…

Another Ashland sunrise

We had a spectacular sunrise this morning. However, I was too lazy to get a shot of it. Today’s photo is from last Friday morning when the fog was still lingering over town and the sun was about to rise in the southeast.

Wavey sunrise

ashland sunrise before the storm

Ashland sunrise before the storm

About 10 days ago we had a rare day full of rain in Ashland. Before the rain began, the sunrise was rather spectacular. I was a minute or so late on this photo to catch the wave that formed in the sky, but you can sort of see a less impressive version of it here.

Break in the clouds on a foggy winter morning in Ashland

foggy ashland sunrise oregon photo by al case ashland daily photo

Nothing but heat and sun these days in Ashland so today’s photo is from the archives, January of 2011 to be exact.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it

ashland sunrise

Ashland sunrise

Several days ago the sky looked rather bland as I got out of the shower. A minute later it looked like this so I took a quick photo. Within 30 seconds it looked like nothing special again.

Sunrise over snowy Ashland

snowy ashland sunrise

snowy Ashland sunrise

Today’s photo comes from this past Tuesday morning.

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