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Snowy sunset

crater lake sunset small

Sunset looking away from Crater Lake

Thursday I headed to Crater Lake, and surrounding areas, with two goals. I failed to reach either goal.

My first goal was to snowshoe to Muir Creek Falls from the Claude Lewis Trailhead parking lot. Didn’t quite happen. More on that later.

My second goal was to capture a sunset, for the first time, at Crater Lake. Today’s photo is as close as I got. Those clouds on the right covered the lake and turned into thick fog as well just minutes after I took this photo. I had high hopes too, as Crater Lake looked like this less than an hour before sundown.

Blood sun

pacific rim bowl smoky sunset

smoky sunset

I took today’s photo as the Ashland High School football team was playing a team from the land of the rising sun. The Japanese flag features a sun of a similar color.

4 days to Daytona

SOU football charter plane south dakota pit stop vision airlines

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

Today is the big travel day. To Daytona we go with a practice once we get there. Today’s photo is of the plane last weekend that took us to Chicago. I took this during our fuel stop in South Dakota.

Bandon, Oregon sunset

Emigrant Lake – before and after


Click here for a photo of Emigrant Lake on 4/27/14.

Fast forward less than six months, from nearly the same spot, and here is what (once was) Emigrant Lake now looks like:

Emigrant Lake bed dry ashland oregon

Emigrant “Lake” (10/12/14)

Dogma, GraveWitch, Repellent, and PAJAMAxVIOLENCE @ Club 66 today

Repellent Base Kamp Awesome

Repellent @ Base Kamp Awesome

An all-ages, early show is happening at Club 66 today (9/14/14). Things begin at 5 p.m. Come a bit early and Uzi will cook you up some dinner or a late breakfast. I’m mostly looking forward to GraveWitch, a two-piece “Melodic Blackened Thrash Metal” band from Bend.

Roxy Ann Peak

Roxy Ann Peak from Lucky Girl Farm Oregon

Roxy Ann Peak from Lucky Girl Farm (Talent, Oregon)

Today’s photo comes from the 4th of July. The previously mentioned goats are on the far right of today’s photo as is Grizzly Peak, although from a different angle than we are used to in Ashland.

California dreaming

newport beach sunset before the storm

Newport Beach sunset before the storm

We are heading to Southern California for Christmas this year. It has been more than a year and a half since I have been there (when I took today’s photo), and it will be the first time I have been to Santa Barbara, which is where we will be staying. Hopefully the weather is at least seasonably warm, with maybe even a little unseasonably warmness thrown in for good measure.

I-5 sunset

interstate 5 oregon

Sunset out the window of car moving 70 MPH down I-5 somewhere near Roseburg, Oregon

Lake of the Woods sunset

lake of the woods sunset

Sunset at Lake of the Woods

My first day back from Korea was spent at nearby Lake of the Woods. I was groggy all morning, but by evening I felt pretty good. The view didn’t hurt.

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