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Christmas Lights on Greystone Court in Medford

christmas lights fancy display medford oregon rogue valley

Perhaps the best place to check out Christmas light displays in Southern Oregon

We headed up to Medford and Greystone Court on December 30 to check out the holiday light spectacle. It was raining and Christmas was over so it wasn’t very crowded. I hear it was crazy the week before.

Ashland Middle School Winter Concert

ashland oregon high school theater theatre

Ashland High School Theatre

Today’s photo is of the exact same scene, from the exact same seat, as yesterday’s photo. The only difference is the lens. Yesterday’s was at 200mm and today’s is at 10mm. Yesterday’s pic was not cropped at all. Today’s photo has been cropped a bit to make it centered correctly and to eliminate some of the ceiling so the difference of 190mm is even more extreme then this.

Holiday lights on the Ashland Springs Hotel

ashland oregon christmas

Ashland Springs Hotel at night during December

Moments after taking this photo there was a nasty fender bender in front of Starbucks. No one was hurt, but the sound of the cars crashing, glass breaking, etc. was pretty scary.

Foggy night, starry night

moon and stars look down over ashland engulfed in fog

Moon and stars over I-5 as Ashland becomes consumed in fog

Just a few minutes after I took this photo I, too, was engulfed in fog. Strangely, the temperature didn’t change, nor did any wind kick up, but just a couple hours the fog was completely gone. How does that happen?

Rainbow maple tree

fall foliage momiji モミジ 紅葉

Japanese maple in autumn

The Japanese Maple trees in our backyard are completely orange now. But for a day or two last week they were experiencing four colors at once (green, yellow, orange, and red).

Autumn in Lithia Park

Lithia Park showing off its fall colors

Are you sick of the fall foliage yet? Me neither. I took today’s photo earlier this week in the morning before the crowds gathered in Lithia Park to enjoy these trees in their splendor.

Fall and the Ashland Springs Hotel

d7000 tamron 10-24mm ultra wide angle

Ashland Springs Hotel in Autumn

Another ultra-wide angle photo today… This time of the Ashland Springs Hotel from down the street near the Ashland Post Office.

Autumn Ashland Cemetery Sunrise

Sunrise with fall colors at Ashland Cemetery

Sunday morning I went to a few locations in the morning to take some photos while the sun was still low in the sky. The Ashland Cemetery is such a lovely place, especially this time of year.

Ashland house with Halloween decorations

halloween decorations home

Pumpkin in front of Ashland home on the corner of Pioneer and B Streetss

I had breakfast at Ruby’s a few days ago, followed by a walk through Ruby’s neighborhood.

This is one of my favorite houses in town. There are so many details on this house and the property that you can stare at it for hours and still discover new things. Maybe I’ll show you some different angles in future entries. I wanted to get today’s posted while we are still in the Halloween season.

Birch trees in the fall

Birch trees on Ridge Road in Ashland, Oregon in autumn

I went for a fall photo shoot in Lithia Park on Sunday. Most trees aren’t at their peak yet, but some are. On my way home, as I headed down Ridge Rd., I looked up at the above birches trying unsuccessfully to completely block out the blue sky. I get a bit nostalgic around birch trees as we had three in my front yard as I was growing up.

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