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Ashland’s 2015 Tree of the Year

sou shasta hall dorms lights silver maple


Lots of festivities on campus tomorrow for Arbor Day. Check ’em out here.

Pink snow

pink snow cherry plum tree blossoms

The blossoms are all gone now, but last week (during a shower) they looked like they do in today’s photo.

Ten years ago this tree looked like this.

Now the little girl that was under that tree in 2005 drives the blossom-covered car pictured under this same tree.


sou churchill hall fall autumn

SOU’s Churchill Hall in autumn


Friday was the last day of this year to catch this scene. The leaves were falling fast and furiously (as you can see if you look really closely at today’s photo; those are leaves in the air, not birds), and the weekend was a windy one.

Triangle Park Between Autumn Storms

triangle park between autumn storms fall foliage

Triangle Park is located between Siskiyou Boulevard, Iowa Street, and Morton Street

When I previously used a D7000 and Tokina 11-16mm lens I enjoyed experimenting with sun stars. I haven’t found a lens that did them very good on full frame, though, until I tried yesterday with my Nikkor 20mm f/1.8g. Bingo!

Diamond Woods

diamond woods golf course oregon monroe trees moss

Mossy trees in Monroe, Oregon

I went for a walk this past Sunday morning when we were staying at the Inn at Diamond Woods, a place on a golf course between Eugene and Corvallis. The grass was mostly flooded from the rain the day before so there weren’t many golfers.

The sun had barely peeked through the clouds when I took today’s photo. Rain began again soon thereafter which was fine by us since we were going to be indoors all the rest of the day at the CEVA Presidents’ Day Volleyball Tournament.

Ficus macrophylla

Moreton Bay fig tree old santa barbara mission cemetery

Moreton Bay Fig Tree
Old Santa Barbara Mission Cemetery

Santa Barbara has the largest fig tree in the USA, but this isn’t it. The one pictured here is still a massive presence on the cemetery grounds of the Santa Barbara Mission.

Jolene’s Sweets for Christmas

jolene's sweets christmas tree

I’m guessing Jolene isn’t looking for any orders today or tomorrow, but here was the scene at my house last week.

Autumn morning on the SOU campus

sou campus fall morning hannon library

Southern Oregon University campus on a fall morning

The Hannon Library is the building to the right.

Tree in the middle of Hyatt Lake

tree nest hyatt lake southern oregon

Tree with bald eagle or osprey nest in Hyatt Lake
Southern Oregon

Hiking in Oregon

eugene skinner butte trail

Skinner Butte Trail
Eugene, Oregon

I just got back from four days spent north of Ashland on or near I-5 (mostly in Tacoma, Seattle, and Portland). Today’s photo is from a trip earlier this year though.

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