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Floater @ OIT

oregon institute of technology floater band

Rob Wynia of Floater

I headed over the Green Springs on Highway 66 last night with my son and his friend to see Floater perform at Oregon Tech (OIT) in Klamath Falls. I have never really been to Klamath Falls before even though it less than two hours from Ashland. I have been through it a few times, but the last time was probably five years ago. So this was my first time on the OIT campus. Floater basically played at the end of the hallway in the student union building, not your typical concert venue.

oregon tech floater pete drums

The stage was only a foot off the ground (if that), there were no spot lights, and strong sunlight was coming in through the blinds behind the band for the first few songs so conditions and lighting were really poor for photography or for just seeing the band (as you’ll especially note in the video at the end).

floater crowd at oit oregon tech

The crowd was enthusiastic and appreciative. That’s my son, Ryan, in the middle there (with all of the hair) trying to get a mosh pit going. I’m proud to say he succeeded.

David Amador guitar floater oregon tech

David Amador on guitar for Floater

I’ll process a few more photos of Floater from last night and post them tomorrow.


southern oregon university SOAR chamber choir music recital hall campus

The SOU Chamber Choir, directed by Dr. Paul French, performs "Dirait-on" from "Chanson des Roses"

A video of Beatriz Abella and Amanda Light performing “Flower Duet” from “Lakme” by Leo Delibes:

More from Southern Oregon University’s SOAR

sou Connor Quinn tenor

Connor Quinn sings "Vasga luna che inargenti" by Vincenzo Bellini

Another photo and video today from SOU’s SOAR 2012

SOU’s SOAR 2012

southern oregon university celloist cello chas barnard

Southern Oregon University student Chas Barnard performs Bach's "Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1" at SOAR 2012

This past week has been SOAR (Southern Oregon Arts & Research) week at Southern Oregon University. Today was the final day, and it included a two-hour performance in the SOU Music Recital Hall.

Ripper PDX

portland motorhead band ripper oregon musichead medford Mira Sonnleitner bellicose minds

Headed over to Musichead in Medford last night to check out Ripper from Portland. They had a nice, Motorhead-influenced sound and loads of energy. They don’t seem to have a website, or even a Facebook page, so it’s tough to find out much more about them. I talked to the singer (Robbie I think?) after the show and it appears they are heading down the West Coast and then playing in Mexico before coming back home on this tour.


Sarcalogos Occisor skylar guzman band black metal portland oregon johnny b's medford

I have yet to attend a show at Johnny B’s that started within an hour of when it was supposed to. I thought Fates Medallion were playing first so when I arrived at just before 10 p.m. I was a bit surprised to see Uzi and the other Fates Medallion guys outside with their gear. I figured they must have went on right at 9 and I missed them. As it turns out, they were playing second even though the flyer appeared to indicate otherwise.

johnny bs medford oregon spellcaster Sarcalogos Occisor

First up was Sarcalogos, a mostly black metal twosome from Portland or Washington or somewhere to the north. Bands usually don’t fit well on Johnny B’s tiny stage, but a band with only two members fit just fine. Spellcaster members couldn’t move with five crammed up there.

 Dave Phillips drummer sarcalogos band portland oregon washington black metal

Sarcalogos consists of just Dave Phillips (aka Sarcophilus Satanicus) on drums and Skylar Guzman (aka Sarcalogos Occisor) on guitar and vocals.

Sarcalogos Occisor skylar guzman guitar band name

They seemed like pretty nice dudes. I hope they play in Southern Oregon again.


spellcaster tyler loney

Last night Johnny B’s had a few metal acts playing so I headed up to Medford to try out my new Sigma 85mm f/1.4 lens.

Spellcaster was the headliner. I very much enjoyed their performance.

Beatriz Abella

beatriz abella sou singer vocalist

Beatriz Abella

One of my students sang for her Junior Recital this past weekend. No, I don’t teach music or give voice lessons. (Those that have heard my voice should be laughing right now.) She is a double major and wants to become a CPA. I teach accounting and tax.

Beatriz has won a number of awards for her voice. She has been a part of several musical theater productions as well. She has also sung in Carnegie Hall–twice!

Today’s photo is a frame I extracted from a video I took at her recital. I didn’t take any stills, but since I was recording at 1080 pixels, the image isn’t too bad.

Here is a short video from her performance which I took on my Nikon D7000, with Nikkor 70-200mm VR II f/2.8 lens, and Sennheiser MKE 400 external mic.

If you’d like to watch and listen to her entire recital (in order) click here.

Beats Antique

Zoe Jakes beats antique ashland oregon armory

Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique

I apologize for the horrible audio on these Beats Antique videos. The mix was pretty bad to begin with. The mixing board is set in the back, 20 feet above the crowd, which means the music is mixed correctly for a total of one person (the mixer) in attendance as no one else is near the mixing board. The volume was too loud, especially the bass on the floor. To make maters worse on my video, I accidentally plugged my external mic into the AV port instead of into the mic port which means the videos were recorded using my Nikon D7000’s internal mic (which sucks).

Beats Antique @ Ashland Armory

beats antique historic ashland armory oregon

Beats Antique @ Historic Ashland Armory - January 24, 2012

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