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Behind Tamanawas Falls

Tamanawas Falls

We are returning to Ashland today, after one more hike, to conclude our vacation in the Mt. Hood area. Tamanawas Falls has been my favorite hike so far, as the trail follows the lovely Cold Spring Creek.

Fairy Ponds

The fabled fairy ponds of Lithia Park

Today’s photo comes from a little over five years ago. I rode through the Ashland watershed this past weekend–still as beautiful as ever.

Last waterfall on the Paulina Plunge Tour

Last waterfall on the Paulina Plunge Tour (not Paulina Creek Falls)

Today’s photo is from more than seven years ago. Anyone know the name of these falls?

Muir Creek Falls

Muir Creek Falls

After my first attempt ended in failure, I made it to Muir Creek Falls yesterday. No wonder there aren’t any photos or discussions of this place on the internet; the “easy” Muir Creek Trail is awful in its current condition. Parts of Muir Creek Trail are overgrown, parts have trees (many trees!) blocking the trail, and I completely lost the trail a few times.

After finally reaching the falls I decided not to go back the way I came. Instead I crossed the falls, via a fallen tree, to the other side. There is a house and barn on the other side. I became a bit freaked out, in part by an unrealized fear of some guy coming out of the house in the middle of nowhere and in part by the wild cows on the property. Instead of crossing through the property to get to road NF-2734 I opted to tough it out through the forest. Big mistake. I ran into more cows in the forest. Cows in the forest are scary. They never charged me, but they cursed me with their eyes, and I headed in the opposite direction. The forest terrain was very steep. I took a nasty fall at one point, did more bushwhacking than I would have liked, and ended up with blood trickling down hands, arms, and a leg.

I’m done visiting Muir Creek, but should you be so inclined, I have a few recommendations:
1) If taking Muir Creek Trail, be sure to have long pants on. Also, be sure you have the local map downloaded into your phone beforehand for offline use. GPS works out there, but there is no internet. Put the trail into your phone so you can find it when it disappears. Also, waterproof boots are a good idea as I ended up walking through 2-5″ of water several times.
2) Don’t try to get to Muir Creek from the east. The terrain is awful.
3) A possible easy route is via Road NF-2734. You’ll have to walk through the aforementioned property. I have no idea how often someone stays there or if they are friendly.

Paulina Plunge Waterfall

paulina creek falls plunge bend oregon

Paulina Creek Falls (Bend, Oregon)

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from five years ago.

I cringe when I look at the EXIF data on photos I took back then. The good news is I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Benham Falls

benham falls sunriver oregon

Benham Falls (Sunriver, Oregon)

A nice walk or bike ride from Sunriver, Benham Falls is an atypical waterfall.

Paulina Plunge Tour Waterfall

paulina plunge tour photos waterfalls bend oregon

Paulina Plunge Tour waterfall

A couple years ago we went camping with friends in Bend this time of year. We went on the Paulina Plunge Tour, and this was the view from the top of one of the waterfalls we encountered on the bike tour.

Vernal Falls

yosemite vernal falls

Yosemite’s Vernal Falls

Yosemite National Park‘s Vernal Falls are a little out of the way compared to Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls, but the hike is beautiful and totally worth it.

National Creek Falls (waterfall near Crater Lake)

national creek falls waterfall crater lake oregon

National Creek Falls

If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Crater Lake in Southern Oregon and want to see some nearby waterfalls, there are several to choose from. Perhaps my favorite is National Creek Falls, which has been deserted both times we have visited. For directions see this prior entry.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

We didn’t end our bike ride at Mutnomah Falls, but our week of photos is over so I better get the most famous part of this ride in. Above is the “classic view” of the double-tiered falls, complete with the bridge you can walk on between them.

Multnomah Falls

Upper Multnomah Falls from the Benson Footbridge

Multnomah Falls

Looking down Multnomah Falls from the bridge at the lower falls and pool below

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