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Meanwhile, back in Ashland

Odocoileus hemionus


Sawbills on the Rogue River

Common Merganser

Red-breasted Sapsucker

Red-breasted Sapsucker

@SOUAshland @reallycoolbirds @AshlandAnimals

This little one was making a lot of noise on my way into work a week ago. Photograph taken on the SOU campus.

AIFF pink flamingo lawn ornaments and a deer friend

aiff film festival al case deer pink flamingo lawn ornaments

@ashlandfilm #AIFF2017 @AshlandAnimals

Tomorrow begins the big weekend. Are you ready? My neighbor’s flamingos are.

aiff ashland independent film festival al case pink flamingo lawn ornaments

Wild Turkeys

 wild turkeys

flock of wild turkeys


We had a flock of about ten wild turkeys hanging out in our backyard yesterday. Today’s photo shows most of them. They were bigger than other turkeys we’ve had before.

Happy Thanksgiving!

turkies mom baby turkey turkeys

Wild turkeys in Ashland

@AshlandAnimals #happythanksgiving #turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

turkey wild ashland oregon copyright al case ashland daily photo


Squirrel on deck

squirrel fall color ashland oregon


Umpqua Elk

 elk near umpqua river reedsport

Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area (Highway 38, Oregon)

We are currently in Seaside, Oregon for the 34th Annual Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament. Today’s photo comes from our drive to Seaside. We decided to take Highway 38 (between Roseburg and Reedsport) because we never had before. Along the way we saw a couple fields on the left side of the highway (the right side was the Umpqua River) with elk.

Turkey family

baby turkey


To go along with the deer, fox, squirrel, bear, and skunk that pass through our backyard, this morning we had a family of seven turkey hanging out. Today’s photo is of the smallest and cutest of the bunch.

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