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Zepparella @ Howiee’s

 zepparella howiees holly west

Holly West

@GretchenMenn @Zepparella @howieesonfront

zepparella howiees


zepparella howiees

Anna Kristina

zepparella howiees gretchen menn

Gretchen Menn

zepparella howiees setlist

Zepparella at Howiee’s on Front Street (Medford, Oregon) setlist 5/10/18

Actual setlist was a bit different (at the end) than the one above. Clementine broke her snare after The Ocean so they took a break to fix it. When they came back they played Kashmir, When the Levee Breaks, and Whole Lotta Love.

Tonight @ Club 66!

Zepparella @ Club 66 (6/26/15)

Zepparella @ Club 66 (6/26/15)

Zepparella tonight (and tomorrow!)

zepparella new edit

Zepparella’s Noelle Doughty and Gretchen Menn

@GretchenMenn @Zepparella

Tonight (6/25/15) Zepparella plays in Grants Pass (with Patrimony and BloodMoon Warning). Tomorrow (6/26/15) Zepparella will be playing at Club 66. Unfortunately, I will be in Bend tomorrow.

Y&T @ Rogue Theatre

155_9232 RAW Y&T Dave Meniketti Rogue Theatre Grants Pass


Y&T Dave Meniketti Rogue Theatre Grants Pass

Y&T in 2015 includes Dave Meniketti (of course), John Nymann on rhythm guitar, Mike Vanderhule on drums, and Brad Lang on bass

155_9228 RAW rogue theatre grants pass marquee y and t zepparella robben ford robin trower

BloodMoon Warning @ Rogue Theatre

Rogue Theatre Y&T Blood Moon Warning Zepparella

Rogue Theatre marquee featuring Y&T, BloodMoon Warning, Zepparella, Robin Trower, Robben Ford


More photos coming later today and in the coming days, but here is a sneak preview of last night’s show in Grants Pass.

Rogue Theatre Blood Moon Warning

BloodMoon Warning’s debut

Zepparella coming soon

Zepparella in Grants Pass at the Historic Rogue Theatre (June 25, 2015)

Zepparella in Grants Pass at the Historic Rogue Theatre (June 25, 2015)


Tickets can be purchased here. Patrimony is opening.

Zepparella in Grants Pass (6/25/15)


Gretchen Menn

@GretchenMenn @angelinesaris @Zepparella

The Historic Rogue Theatre is the place to be on June 25, 2015. Tickets available here.


Zepparella‘s Angeline Saris

Zepparella @ McDonald Theatre

Gretchen Menn zepparella mcdonald theatre eugene oregon

Gretchen Menn of Zepparella

Along with Hell’s Belles, Zepparella also played at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene this past Saturday night.

zepparella mcdonald theatre theater eugene

Zepparella at the McDonald Theatre – Eugene, Oregon – January 12, 2013

clementine zepparella led zepplin cover band all female

Clementine channeling John Bonham

Noelle Doughty zepparella led zeppelin cover band girl band

Noelle Doughty knocking out the Led Zeppelin numbers with Robert Plant curls

Angeline Saris zepperella zeperella zepperela bass player john paul jones led zeppelin

Angeline Saris of Zepperella


all girls female led zeppelin tribute cover band

Another photo from last week’s Zepparella gig at the Ashland Armory…

The last Led Zeppelin show in the USA happened just a few miles from my home. It was one of those “Days on the Green” that Bill Graham did. Being only 8 years old at the time, I wasn’t there. However, I did read Hammer of the Gods between innings at A’s games held at the same location in about 1984, and I owned their entire collection on CD before the 80s were over.

Seeing Zepparella twenty something years later is the next best thing. Actually, Zepparella probably play the songs a bit tighter live, and they are easier on the eyes anyway. 😉

Zepparella – Gretchen Menn

led zepplin female cover band

As mentioned a few days ago, last night I made good on my decision to see Zepparella at the Historic Ashland Armory. This place is much better than other venues in Southern Oregon. Compared to the Medford Armory, Main 1 Arts Center, and Rogue Theatre in Grants Pass (which is the worst) the Ashland Armory is in superior condition, has a better stage, better lighting, sound, etc. The size is also perfect. The Main 1 Arts Center is too small and the stage is too low. The Medford Armory is too big and hollow. All bands should come through the Ashland Armory instead of those other places.

Anyway, Zepparella were great. I had the best seat in the house, front row next to Zepparella’s lovely and talented guitarist, Gretchen Menn. The front row is great for the view, but the sound isn’t so excellent. I could hear her guitar and the drums well, but the bass and vocals were coming out of speakers to my sides or above me so my position didn’t allow for a good mix as you’ll hear on the video below.

The 3:04 mark is my favorite part as Gretchen gives me a smile. Enjoy!

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