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Maya, my Japanese friend

Ellie and Maya at Japanese Professional Baseball game

I met Maya at a Seibu Lions game in Japan last year. Maya is a girl the same age as me and speaks Japanese although she is learning English and I’m going to learn Japanese. She is very nice and at the Lions game she gave me a Lions shirt and let me borrow some flags and other cool stuff to wave and cheer for the team! Even though I could not talk to Maya, because she does not understand English, I had a lot of fun and still keep in contact with her via email!

I hope we can meet again when we go to Japan next year.

San Francisco trip

For my 12th birthday, I went to San Francsco to go to Alcatraz and Japan town. 

Japan town in San Francisco

This is a picture of Japan town from up above.

hotel tomo

This is the lobby in our hotel. It had a Japanese anime theme to it. It was called the hotel Tomo and had very cushy chairs in the lobby and the room.

This is my sister and I on a trolly. In this picture I looked happy but when there wasn’t a picture being taken it creeped me out. 

This is a very fancy hotel by the name of The Fairmount. It was very large and pretty.  

This is the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the elevator in The Fairmount. It was really fun to ride up and down in the elevator because it was very high up, glass, pretty and fast.

This is another picture from the elevator.

This is a picture of Alcatraz from a trolley.

This is an awesome piece of a light house in a museum nearby the port where a boat was going to take us to Alcatraz. In the museum they also had a fully intact piratey looking boat, some very soft beaver fur and lots of other stuff.

This is cool shaped bread. They had lots of it in this cool bread shop. My favorite personally is the large crab in the corner. I wish we had got some but we got normal (but still tasty) bread.

This is a picture of San Francisco from the boat going to Alcatraz.

This is my mom and I in the high secruity section of Alcatraz. The whole Alcatraz tour was really fun and interesting. I have no idea why my mom is making that face. 

golden gate bridge from alcatraz

This is a picture of a boat from the ride back to San Francisco.

TransAmerica Building San Francisco

This is a large triangular building.

Downtown San Francisco from the St. Francis Hotel

These are more buildings.

Chinese Opera

This is the coolest piece of artwork ever! It is an asian godess standing in front of a lake. It is made intirely out of string and is even cooler in person. My dad and I had hapened to walk in a Asian art gallery and found this. There were many other beautiful pieces in the gallery but this one was the best. My dad wanted to buy it but it costed much over 1000 dollers and he didn’t think my mom would approve of him spending that much money on one piece of art.

Bill and Chelsea Clinton visit Ashland, Oregon

Today, I went to Southern Oregon University to see Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Clinton make a speech about why they think their wife/mother/Hillary Clinton should be president of the United States of America.
Bill Clinton & Chelsea in Ashland Oregon

I thought his words were very interesting and meant a lot to the people. Hillary Clinton seemed like a very nice person the way Bill and Chelsea explained it.
President Bill Clinton in Ashland Oregon

I think she would be a very good president but if I could vote I would vote for Obama.