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Made it to Denmark

A few days ago we left for Denmark. We were going to go from Medford to Portland, Oregon to D.C. but our plane in Portland got delayed, so we got stuck in D.C. for an extra day. We took a taxi ride from our hotel to downtown D.C. where we went to a few different Smithsonian museums and some other famous places.

The plane going to Copenhagen was not very boring at all. Everyone had a mini T.V. screen where you could check your progress in the air, play games, watch movies and listen to music on. Also I slept for a while, so that burned some time. Afterwards I figured out that, unfortunately, my bag was lost.

We got a taxi ride from the airport to our apartment where we saw a lot of bikes and graffiti. When dropped off at the building our apartment was in we took a long time to get in, so we probably looked suspicious. We got in and tried to open three doors before finding out which one was ours. In my room there is, a Pokemon poster and cards, DS game cases (with no games in it), a pinball machine with no pinball, a bunch of random useless stuff and a working disco ball.

Ellie at the White House

Wednesday I woke up in Washington D.C.  We went to see the White House. We ended up not going to the front, because we had heavy backpacks and it was burning outside. I was so thirsty and hot and my shoulders ached from the backpacks that I thought I was going to faint! When my mom finally found a snack shack she bought Ryan and I one Dr. Pepper each. Ryan and I called it happiness in a cup! We went to a whole bunch of buildings and then went to the airport to set off for Denmark.

Swim / Movie Party

Last week I had a swim party at my house when my brother was gone at SOU Academy. This picture is of all the girls I invited. Hannah, Lilli, Harper, Allie, Ellie S., me, and Anna. We blew up water balloons and went swimming in my pool. After we watched a movie called “Life Size”, too. We had a lot of fun and then at five they all left.

Tomorrow I am going to Denmark!!!

ellies party

3rd of July 2007 at Lake of the Woods

This was the day before the Fourth Of July. In the boat of two people is my friend, also named Ellie, and me. In the intertube is Ryan. Ellie and I were trying to go all the way to the buoys. We made it! Ryan was relaxing in the sun, and I think Conner, Ellie’s brother, was swiming out to him. The picture was taken by my dad on the beach. The beach was only a bit of a beach. It only had a little bit of sand and behind it there was a forest.

lake of the woods mt. mclaughlin 

Mount McLaughlin is in the background of Lake of the Woods in the above photograph. 

lake of the woods oregon

In this picture, in the back are Chris and Wendi, who are Conner and Ellie’s parents. Ellie is the girl next to me and Conner is the boy with black hair next to my brother, Ryan. The lady with brown hair next to me is my mom, Linda.

The deck we are sitting on is not ours. Ellie and I had to ask the people who owned it if we could sit on it. They called us the “cute little girls” when they anwsered the door! We wanted to sit on the deck because there was going to be fireworks over the lake soon.

fireworks over lake of the woods

This was one of the fire works we saw on the deck. Under the fire works on the water were police boats that had their lights blinking on and off.

fireworks over lake of the woods 

This picture is of another of the many fireworks we saw from the deck. If you think these are great you should have seen the grand finale!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Last year my family went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. My favorite ride was the Fireball but I don’t have a picture of that.big dipper roller coaster santa cruz beach boardwalk

This is the Big Dippper. It was an old roller coaster that was very creaky and jerky (both of which are things I do not like as you can probally see by this picture).
santa cruz beach boardwalk

This is one of those spinny seat rides. In the background there is a paragliding ride that was really fun.