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National Art Museum – Copenhagen

When we went to the art muesum we did a lot of fun stuff, but the things I liked the most are these:

1. We went to a kids art camp that you could paint, draw, water color, build, glue gun and other cool stuff. Ryan and I had so much fun, we came the next day too, while our parents watched a jazz concert. I painted a picture of a flower close up and built a “dream ladder.” They called it dream ladder and what it was is you would make a doll-sized ladder and put your dream on the top. It could be your dream when you grow up or a dream you had in your sleep. I did the dream when you grow up, because I have been having some really strange dreams lately. The lady that worked there was really nice and gave you tips and helped you out. We had a lot of fun!!!

2. We went into a room where there were spot lights that kept on moving around, music, and a slide show of random people dancing. Since nobody was in there my mom, Ryan and I broke out dancing and when other people came in, we could not help it, we just could not stop dancing!

3. There was a little golden retriever stuffed animal in the middle of one of the rooms with paintings. He had jester shoes and a french hat with a feather sticking out of it. There were other clothes on a shelf that you could dress him up in. So I dressed him up as an old fashion movie star. Ryan finished the last touch; he added dark black sun glasses and the dog was all set!!!

We had a really good day full of fun.

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