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Statens Museum for Kunst

Today and yesterday we went to the Kunst art museum. We first went to the children’s section that had exibits about dreams. My favorite was a big red chair with an unnatral lump on it, but there were also lots of other good ones like the hand below that is attacking me. After we went to a little dark room with spotlights with videos of people dancing. Though it was designed for six year olds it was fun. We also went to a section with all of the famous stuff. There was a painting of a man who looked excactly like Lord Farquaad from Shrek.

The most fun part of the day was a workshop we did where you could build and paint stuff. First I painted a sea god type thing which took me a long time, and then I made a ladder going through clouds. Today we came back because our parents wanted to see some jazz (and Ellie and I are sick of jazz). I painted Pacman and built a cage with Hagar the Horrible in it. We might go again sometime later. I hope so! 

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