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Paris Disneyland

When I was in Paris we went to Disney land. The lnes were long, it was really hot, and our feet ached, but other than that I think it was really fun! We were going to go to a Disneyland show, the only play that was in English, The Lion King. But as we were entering the building there was a sign that said Lion King was not playing on that day. We were so disappointed, but just to make sure we went inside. There were tons of chairs facing a stage. The stage had props for the Lion King all over the place. The lights were off and everyone who came in were leaving. So we left too.

As we wandered through Disneyland Paris we came across The Sword In The Stone. Kids were lining up in front of it to get their picture taken by their family members. So Ryan and I lined up too. And this is my picture with Excalibur.

We stopped at a gift shop to look around and maybe buy a T-shirt for Ryan. I really wanted this hat that had Donald Duck’s relative on it. It was really cute, but my mom said it was to expensive, so we ended up just looking, not buying!

This next picture was taken after we got off the It’s A Small World ride. There were little houses and objects that were from different places in the world. We could not stay long there because we wanted good seats for the night-time parade. But it looked really cool and detailed.

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