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Disneyland Paris

Way back when we were in Europe our family went to Disney Land Paris. It had really long lines, but it was a ton of fun. Its been a while since our trip but I’ll try to remember the best I can.

Here’s me with Smee from Peter Pan. The Peter Pan ride we went on was a cool little ride. It was one of those that was more cool than fast. You flew around Never Land on flying pirate ships (I wish I had one of those). The only particulars I remember of it was you flew through some pretty cool star effects up in the sky. They were kind of like the stars in the ride Space Mountain. I was really scared at first to go on that ride because when I went on it in California I got sick. Amazingly enough I was the only one who didn’t get sick this time. I guess I’m getting less afraid of roller coasters now.

Above is me with the evil king in Robin Hood. Since there are no Robin Hood rides there I’m going to talk about the haunted mansion type ride. In front of us in line there were some people dressed up in weird costumes, my mom got a picture with them. The ride itself was really cool, funny and pretty unscary. It was probably the best ride there. Speaking of scary things at Disney Land, we went to a hororific Mexican restraunt. The only drinks they had were hot chocolates which weren’t very comforting because I was already really hot. The worst part was the nachos. They were just a few doritos in a box.

Overall it was a fun amusement park but not as fun as Tivolli. I would suggest bringing your own lunch though because the food is not very good.