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Bon odori

tokyo bon odori

A bon odori is a dance that the Japanese do during late summer to honor dead relatives. We had the chance to see one on our third night in Tokyo. When we arrived there were people dancing around in a circle. Almost everyone there were wearing kimonos but there were some people wearing street clothes. Most of the people in the circle were women but there were two or three men. The people were of all ages, from 3 to 80. In the middle of the circle was a structure holding up a drummer playing a song. The drummer was always a child but as the night went on they got older and older. Accompanying the drummer was some recorded music and some bell like instruments. The dance and music was very hypnotic. I would have liked to stay longer but my sister and I were getting very tired because of jetlag. Hopefully I will get another chance to see a bon odori before I leave Japan.

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