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Japanese Haircut

takadanobaba barber shop tokyo japan

Today I had my first Japanese haircut since the last time we came here.

hair cut barber japan

It was extremely fun and different then the american experience I’m used to. First I got my haircut as I would normally do by a Japanese man.

ryan's tokyo haircut

haircut in shinjuku-ku tokyo japan

Afterwards the same man gave me a shampooing/massage for a while. It felt very relaxing and nice.

japanese  haircut shampoo

Then my head was dunked into a sink with warm water in it and rinsed. I was laid down the other way and the man put all sorts of towels on me and left. Right then I was thinking that the haircut was over, but another guy walked over and started putting shaving cream on me. It turned out that I was getting shaved (for the first time) as well because I hadn’t asked to not have it. The shave was worth it though because it was kind of half massage as well.

ryan's first shave 13 years old

I’m looking forward for my next haircut here since it was a very pleasant experience.

ryan case first shave 13 years old takadanobaba tokyo japan

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