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Miyajima – Part 1

miyajima deer torii shrine japan

Hustling through the Shinkansen train station was officially the start of the 6th grade trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima Island. We got jostled and pushed into the Shinkansen before the doors would close on us. More shoving and finally we were in our seats next to the people we wanted to sit next to for the whole 4 hour trip.

It wasn’t cold outside but sadly it was foggy, so there was absolutely no way you could see Mount Fuji. 4 hours went by pretty slow, but it was still it was fun. The Shinkansen goes very fast, but when you look outside the window it looks like you’re going slower than driving on the freeway.

We arrived in Hiroshima and again, dragged our suitcases around the station. Then we pulled our luggage down a whole bunch of stairs into a tunnel and then back up a whole bunch of stairs, to find ourselves on the other side of the street. We walked to the local train station and piled in. Then we got off at a stop that was close to the ferry boats. After taking the ferry across the ocean for only around 5 minutes, we finally arrived at Miyajima Island. Deer were everywhere and everyone thought they were AMAZING, but they didn’t really please me that much because I’ve seen them a billion times in Ashland.

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miyajima tea house koi carp pond japanese garden

miyajima torii at night

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