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Pictures from Denmark

Open air museum:

open air museum denmark Frilandsmuseet


bad farting

Dusk at the Opera House with Copenhagen’s royal palaces in the background:

sundown at copenhagen opera house


National Art Museum – Copenhagen

When we went to the art muesum we did a lot of fun stuff, but the things I liked the most are these:

1. We went to a kids art camp that you could paint, draw, water color, build, glue gun and other cool stuff. Ryan and I had so much fun, we came the next day too, while our parents watched a jazz concert. I painted a picture of a flower close up and built a “dream ladder.” They called it dream ladder and what it was is you would make a doll-sized ladder and put your dream on the top. It could be your dream when you grow up or a dream you had in your sleep. I did the dream when you grow up, because I have been having some really strange dreams lately. The lady that worked there was really nice and gave you tips and helped you out. We had a lot of fun!!!

2. We went into a room where there were spot lights that kept on moving around, music, and a slide show of random people dancing. Since nobody was in there my mom, Ryan and I broke out dancing and when other people came in, we could not help it, we just could not stop dancing!

3. There was a little golden retriever stuffed animal in the middle of one of the rooms with paintings. He had jester shoes and a french hat with a feather sticking out of it. There were other clothes on a shelf that you could dress him up in. So I dressed him up as an old fashion movie star. Ryan finished the last touch; he added dark black sun glasses and the dog was all set!!!

We had a really good day full of fun.

On or around Stroget

Before coming to Denmark I was hoping for long cobblestone streets with outside shops and no cars. In the picture where Ryan and I are chasing pigeons, behind the camera is a no-car, cobblestone, outside-shops street. This street called Stroget is actually the longest pedestrian street in the world! It was very fun to lick ice cream and watch little shows on the street. When our mom and dad stopped to look at the map, in a sqare,  Ryan and I started chasing pigeons. We played a game where we would try to chase away all the pigeons from some boundaries that we made up. We had a lot of fun!!!


Frederiksberg Park

We went to Frederiksberg Park last Saturday. At first we went to a playground in the park. They had hammocks and bars to swing on. Ryan and I first went to the bars. And then after having a snack we got a hammock. It was not comfortable at all. It was made out of wood, but after Ryan and I moved around a lot we found a comfortable spot.

Then we made our way up through the park until we reached three hills that led to a castle. Ryan and I raced up them, barefoot. They were so steep we had to use our hands and feet to climb up! Our feet were all muddy from the hill. Our hands too.

Later we had ice cream and the lady who made them for us stuck heart lolly pops into whipped cream on top of the ice cream! Yumm.

4th of July in Copenhagen

We went to Tivoli on the 4th of July. We stayed until 12:30am because there was a “Tivoli Illuminations” show. We did not know if it was fireworks or what. It ended up being really cool, full of colors and fire and water. It was even cooler than fireworks!!!