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4th of July in Copenhagen

We went to Tivoli on the 4th of July. We stayed until 12:30am because there was a “Tivoli Illuminations” show. We did not know if it was fireworks or what. It ended up being really cool, full of colors and fire and water. It was even cooler than fireworks!!!

Tivoli Gardens

Last night we went to Tivoli which is an amusement park with pretty gardens and fun rides. The best ride was “The Demon” which is a really fast roller coaster that I only got to go on once.

This is a ride where you drive around, very slowly, on a track. It wasn’t extremely entertaining but the person taking tickets was really funny and congratulated us on being American. (It was the fourth of July).

Above is a bunch of shops in the area where we were looking for a roller coaster. In this area we found a fun house with stuff like flashing lights, moving stairs, shaking bridges, spinning passages and long slides. We hung out in there for a while and then went to go to the roller coaster. The roller coaster went in tunnels very quick. Ellie and I went on it a lot, so we made friends with the wan who worked the breaks. 

Above is Ellie and I on one of our favorite rides. It spun fast in two places. We went on it a few times. Afterwards we went to the aquarium and took a nap on some “Fatboys” (a kind of beanbag). At midnight we watched the illuminatons. There was some music and some cool lights over the river. After that we sleepily walked home.

3rd of July 2007 at Lake of the Woods

This was the day before the Fourth Of July. In the boat of two people is my friend, also named Ellie, and me. In the intertube is Ryan. Ellie and I were trying to go all the way to the buoys. We made it! Ryan was relaxing in the sun, and I think Conner, Ellie’s brother, was swiming out to him. The picture was taken by my dad on the beach. The beach was only a bit of a beach. It only had a little bit of sand and behind it there was a forest.

lake of the woods mt. mclaughlin 

Mount McLaughlin is in the background of Lake of the Woods in the above photograph. 

lake of the woods oregon

In this picture, in the back are Chris and Wendi, who are Conner and Ellie’s parents. Ellie is the girl next to me and Conner is the boy with black hair next to my brother, Ryan. The lady with brown hair next to me is my mom, Linda.

The deck we are sitting on is not ours. Ellie and I had to ask the people who owned it if we could sit on it. They called us the “cute little girls” when they anwsered the door! We wanted to sit on the deck because there was going to be fireworks over the lake soon.

fireworks over lake of the woods

This was one of the fire works we saw on the deck. Under the fire works on the water were police boats that had their lights blinking on and off.

fireworks over lake of the woods 

This picture is of another of the many fireworks we saw from the deck. If you think these are great you should have seen the grand finale!