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Disneyland Paris

Way back when we were in Europe our family went to Disney Land Paris. It had really long lines, but it was a ton of fun. Its been a while since our trip but I’ll try to remember the best I can.

Here’s me with Smee from Peter Pan. The Peter Pan ride we went on was a cool little ride. It was one of those that was more cool than fast. You flew around Never Land on flying pirate ships (I wish I had one of those). The only particulars I remember of it was you flew through some pretty cool star effects up in the sky. They were kind of like the stars in the ride Space Mountain. I was really scared at first to go on that ride because when I went on it in California I got sick. Amazingly enough I was the only one who didn’t get sick this time. I guess I’m getting less afraid of roller coasters now.

Above is me with the evil king in Robin Hood. Since there are no Robin Hood rides there I’m going to talk about the haunted mansion type ride. In front of us in line there were some people dressed up in weird costumes, my mom got a picture with them. The ride itself was really cool, funny and pretty unscary. It was probably the best ride there. Speaking of scary things at Disney Land, we went to a hororific Mexican restraunt. The only drinks they had were hot chocolates which weren’t very comforting because I was already really hot. The worst part was the nachos. They were just a few doritos in a box.

Overall it was a fun amusement park but not as fun as Tivolli. I would suggest bringing your own lunch though because the food is not very good.

Paris Disneyland

When I was in Paris we went to Disney land. The lnes were long, it was really hot, and our feet ached, but other than that I think it was really fun! We were going to go to a Disneyland show, the only play that was in English, The Lion King. But as we were entering the building there was a sign that said Lion King was not playing on that day. We were so disappointed, but just to make sure we went inside. There were tons of chairs facing a stage. The stage had props for the Lion King all over the place. The lights were off and everyone who came in were leaving. So we left too.

As we wandered through Disneyland Paris we came across The Sword In The Stone. Kids were lining up in front of it to get their picture taken by their family members. So Ryan and I lined up too. And this is my picture with Excalibur.

We stopped at a gift shop to look around and maybe buy a T-shirt for Ryan. I really wanted this hat that had Donald Duck’s relative on it. It was really cute, but my mom said it was to expensive, so we ended up just looking, not buying!

This next picture was taken after we got off the It’s A Small World ride. There were little houses and objects that were from different places in the world. We could not stay long there because we wanted good seats for the night-time parade. But it looked really cool and detailed.

4th of July in Copenhagen

We went to Tivoli on the 4th of July. We stayed until 12:30am because there was a “Tivoli Illuminations” show. We did not know if it was fireworks or what. It ended up being really cool, full of colors and fire and water. It was even cooler than fireworks!!!

Tivoli Gardens

Last night we went to Tivoli which is an amusement park with pretty gardens and fun rides. The best ride was “The Demon” which is a really fast roller coaster that I only got to go on once.

This is a ride where you drive around, very slowly, on a track. It wasn’t extremely entertaining but the person taking tickets was really funny and congratulated us on being American. (It was the fourth of July).

Above is a bunch of shops in the area where we were looking for a roller coaster. In this area we found a fun house with stuff like flashing lights, moving stairs, shaking bridges, spinning passages and long slides. We hung out in there for a while and then went to go to the roller coaster. The roller coaster went in tunnels very quick. Ellie and I went on it a lot, so we made friends with the wan who worked the breaks. 

Above is Ellie and I on one of our favorite rides. It spun fast in two places. We went on it a few times. Afterwards we went to the aquarium and took a nap on some “Fatboys” (a kind of beanbag). At midnight we watched the illuminatons. There was some music and some cool lights over the river. After that we sleepily walked home.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Last year my family went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. My favorite ride was the Fireball but I don’t have a picture of that.big dipper roller coaster santa cruz beach boardwalk

This is the Big Dippper. It was an old roller coaster that was very creaky and jerky (both of which are things I do not like as you can probally see by this picture).
santa cruz beach boardwalk

This is one of those spinny seat rides. In the background there is a paragliding ride that was really fun.