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Holiday in Cambodia – Part 6

Angkor Wat cambodia

hot air balloon near Angkor Wat cambodia
Angkor Wat khmer ninja cambodian boy
Angkor Wat cambodia

Cambodia – Part 5

cambodian boy at Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom lizard

Tokyo International School’s Cambodia Trip – Part 4

ryan case at Angkor Thom cambodiaAngkor Thom cambodiaAngkor Thom cambodia

Cambodia – Part 3

Camdoia's Angkor ThomCamdoia Angkor ThomCamdoia Angkor Thom giant faces in stonethe royal throne

Cambodia with Tokyo International School – Part 2

cambodian monkeys at Wat Phnom

After lunch we went to Wat Phnom, a temple in Phnom Pehn. We bought some fried bananas on a stick from a vendor while we were there. In front of the temple there was a massive clock in the ground. Wat Phnom is built on a hill which looked rather cool from the top and the bottom. My favorite part about it were the monkeys though. I’m pretty sure I saw 3 or 4 of them there. After riding across the Japanese-Cambodia friendship bridge we had a delicious dinner on the river and went back to our hotel.

Giant clock at Wat Phnom cambodia