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Maya’s birthday party

paper rock scissors japan jan ken pon

My dad has some more pictures here.

fireworks at japanese birthday party

japanese and american girls bonding through fireworks

four friends after a japanese birthday party kodaira tokyo japan

Pictures from Denmark

Open air museum:

open air museum denmark Frilandsmuseet


bad farting

Dusk at the Opera House with Copenhagen’s royal palaces in the background:

sundown at copenhagen opera house


Frederiksberg Park

We went to Frederiksberg Park last Saturday. At first we went to a playground in the park. They had hammocks and bars to swing on. Ryan and I first went to the bars. And then after having a snack we got a hammock. It was not comfortable at all. It was made out of wood, but after Ryan and I moved around a lot we found a comfortable spot.

Then we made our way up through the park until we reached three hills that led to a castle. Ryan and I raced up them, barefoot. They were so steep we had to use our hands and feet to climb up! Our feet were all muddy from the hill. Our hands too.

Later we had ice cream and the lady who made them for us stuck heart lolly pops into whipped cream on top of the ice cream! Yumm.

Rosenborg Castle

 A little while ago we went to Rosenborg Castle and King’s Garden. Just before we had rented our bikes, so we were testing them out on the way there. My dad got a flat tire so he had to go to the bike shop to fix it. The rest of us went ahead so that we wouldn’t get bored. There was a really wierd playground with bridges, logs, stumps and poles. Near the castle there were tall, skinny gaurds who would pose for pictures. Afterwards we got really lost and ended up going around in circles instead of going home.