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Osaka Castle gate

aoyamon gate osaka castle

Aoyamon (Osaka Castle Gate, Japan)

This week a group of American football players from Osaka, Japan descended on my current hometown of Ashland, Oregon. On Friday they will play a football game against the local high school team. Anyway, two of the players were over my house today. I thought they would be from Osaka, but neither were. One was from Kobe and other from Shiga. To (sort of) commemorate their visit, today’s photos are from Osaka, between Kobe and Shiga.

aoyamon gate osaka castle

Aoyamon sign

Meiji Era, western-style building in modern Japan

meiji era french western building Former Fukuoka Prefecture Public Hall Distinguished Guest House 旧福岡県公会堂貴賓館

Former Fukuoka Prefecture Public Hall Distinguished Guest House (旧福岡県公会堂貴賓館)

Built in 1909, and designated an “Important Cultural Property” in 1984, I was somewhat surprised to stumble upon this building on my early morning walk in Fukuoka. Alas, it was too early for the building to be open, although it wasn’t too early for nearby night workers to be finishing their drinking.

Big Leaguer

$2,970,800 swing


I mentioned last year that Michael Conforto was selected by the Mets out of Oregon State. In just a year he has made the big league club. And his first two games have been fantastic! So far he is 4 for 7 with two doubles, two RBIs, four runs scored and a walk.

Love You Fancy


Oregon Ducks fans

oregon ducks football fans

In just 45 days, the Ducks will begin their defense of their Pac-12 title.

Ferry to Miyajima


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