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Excuse me waiter but…

lake tahoe wind surfer lone eagle grille wine glass

Kitesurfer from Lone Eagle Grille (Lake Tahoe, Nevada)


…there’s a kitesurfer in my wine.

Osaka nightscape

osaka nightscape

Osaka after dark

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from the top of the Umeda Sky Building. This place offers night views for a fee, but you’ll be better off going up with a lover than a camera as most of the views are partially obscured by fencing (as you can see in the bottom of this photo if you look closely) or building parts.


手水舎 chozuya koyasan hand wash basin shinto

Chozuya (also called temizuya is a wash basin commonly found in Japan at Shinto shrines) on Koyasan

Kilauea Iki Trail

I mentioned before how this is an incredible hike taking the walker from lush, tropical rain forest to a barren volcanic landscape. Well, the transition isn’t very gradual. From today’s photo you can see that I’m hitting the edge of the forest and am about to embark on something far more desolate.

Go! Go! Swallows!!

swallows fans

Yakult Swallows fans (Tokyo, Japan)

@NPBinENG @swallowspr @YourSwallows

Although less than a month of the season has elapsed, there is reason for hope in Tokyo as the usually losing Swallows are in first place!

Fun in the Guanajuato streets

While wandering the streets of Guanajuato last summer I saw this boy launching this sphere into the air. In the air it would expand, only to contract by the time it landed back in his hands. I quickly reached into my camera bag. Luckily he continued the routine enough times for me to catch him in action.

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