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United Buddy Bears

United Buddy Bears berlin germany

United Buddy Bears in Berlin, Germany (July 2017)

I had no idea what these were when I visited Berlin a few summers ago. They were all over the place, dozens of them.

Turns out they started in Berlin in 2001 and have since traveled around the world. Recently they were in Guatemala but may be back in Berlin now.

Waterfall Wednesday

Clearwater Falls oregon umpqua river

Clearwater Falls

Unto moss thou shalt return

Mossy stone lanterns

Metal Monday

Abbath @ Copenhell

@COPENHELL #copenhell @SeasonofMist #Abbath

Nine years ago today…

Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the 2011 elephants around Copenhagen

…I was enjoying the sights and sounds while strolling around the streets of Copenhagen. Boy do I miss it this year.

Happy birthday, Chewy!

voivod brutal assault chewy rocky daniel mongrain dan

Voivod’s Chewy and Rocky @ 2019 Brutal Assault

#brutalAssault2019 #brutalassault @voivoddotnet #voivod @DanMongrain

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