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Half Iron distance race through ARoS Museum

half Iron distance race Aarhus 2011 aros

Runners ascend the stairs of the ARoS Museum in Aarhus, Denmark

While strolling through Aarhus in early July of 2011 I found myself in the middle of a race. The runners had already swam a couple kilometers in the bay and bicycled for 90 kilometers around the hills and suburbs of Aarhus before embarking on this half marathon. At this point in the half marathon the runners ran up hundreds of stairs before running through the museum and out the other side!

Play at the plate – part 2

kia tigers doosan bears play at the plate

@Kiatigers When we last visited this play the ball hadn’t reached the catcher yet. But now it has, and the tag has been made. Henry Sosa is calling for an out, but will the ump give it to him? Stay tuned.

Lanterns on Koyasan

Danjo Garan lanterns koyasan japan

Hanging lanterns @ Danjo Garan

row row row your barbie boat

Covered Bridge AHS Ashland Rowing Club Crew barbie boat

Barbie Boat

Today’s photo comes from the Covered Bridge Regatta about 10 days ago.

Danish Crane

copenhagen crane denmark bird species birding

I saw this bird flying over one of Copenhagen’s lakes a few summers ago.

Stairs at Ryoanji (龍安寺)

龍安寺 ryoanji steps kyoto japan

Ryoanji (龍安寺)

Ryoanji is best know for its zen rock garden–perhaps the most famous karesansui (枯山水) in the world. However, there is much more to see at Ryoanji, including a lake, these stairs, and other objects and paths.

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