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Happy Birthday to Michael Poulsen!

volbeat Michael Schøn Poulsen

Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen


Mr. Poulsen turns 40 today. Today’s photo is from the Medford Armory show just under a year ago.

Kelly Family Fund

scott kelly neurosis portland

Scott Kelly of Neurosis

@scottneurosis @OfficialNeurot @neurosisoakland

Sarah Kelly has been ill this past week, and people have begun contributing to help the family. For more details, and if you are willing and able, click here.

Five years ago today…

cherry blossoms sakura edogawa tokyo yochien

Nothing is more cheery than Japanese cherry blossoms this time of year, nothing that is except sakura AND a couple dozen kindergartners.

Whitman College – Memorial Building

whitman college memorial building

Memorial Hall on Whitman College campus (Walla Walla, Washington)

@whitmancollege @VisitWallaWalla

We have spent much of our spring break in Washington and Idaho. On our way to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho we stopped at Whitman College in Walla Walla (for the first time) to check out the campus and city. Being spring break, there wasn’t much activity on campus so we did a quick tour on our own.

Over 100 years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt spoke from this location.

Eight years ago today …

… this happened.

Nagoya Ferris wheel

Sunshine Sakae ferris wheel nagoya night

Sunshine Sakae (サンシャインサカエ) Ferris wheel (AKA Sky-Boat or 観覧車) Nagoya, Japan

On my way to Rock Bar Scum I couldn’t help but notice this famous landmark of the Sakae (栄) area of Nagoya.

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