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Oregon Coast Highway

haceta head yachats cape cove Cape Creek Bridge 101

Cape Creek Bridge (Highway 101) and the Devil’s Elbow

We’ve driven the Oregon Coast Highway many times, but we’ve never stopped at Haceta Head Lighthouse before. Beautiful place.

BTW, that’s the sun, not the lighthouse, in today’s photo. The lighthouse was behind me when I took this. Photos coming…


Turbulent Coast

@VisitYachats @goyachats

I just returned from two days on the Oregon Coast. Today’s photo comes from our morning walk on Thanksgiving. Although the temperature was supposed to be in the 30s, my weather app indicated it felt like the teens with the wind chill factored in. I must agree with the weather app. By afternoon it was in the upper 40s though, and the wind died down.

Hiroshima after dark

hiroshima after dark sukiya gyudon tabehodai

Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden or 広電)

Getting around Hiroshima isn’t difficult on the more than 100-year old electric bus system. They aren’t nearly as fast as Tokyo’s subway system, but Hiroshima isn’t nearly as large either.

The Sukiya (すき家) in the right of today’s photo is one of my favorite fast food joints in Japan. A bowl of gyudon (牛丼) for under $5 hits the spot every time.

Strolling around the Temple of the Golden Pavilion

kimono clad ladies japanese japan kyoto kinkakuji golden pavilion temple

金閣寺の観光客 (Kyoto, Japan)

Chuo Line view

view from train between kofu and tokyo


I took today’s photo out the window of the train I was on somewhere between Kofu and Tokyo.

CNU track blue hour

gwangju cnu track blue hour

Chonnam National University (Gwangju, South Korea)

A different angle of the same track earlier in the day can be found here.

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