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View from Sanyo Shinkansen window

shinkansen view sanyo yamaguchi golf driving range river

View from Japanese bullet train window

I’m not sure exactly where I was when I took today’s photo last year. What I do know is I was riding on the shinkansen (新幹線) between Fukuoka (Hakata) and Hiroshima at more than 150 miles per hour. I was probably near or between the Shin-Iwakuni (新岩国), Tokuyama (徳山), or the Shin-Yamaguchi (新山口) stations.

Autumn approaches

kenchoji kamakura thanksgiving

Kamakura’s Kenchoji on Thanksgiving (2009)

The last couple evenings I have detected the slightest hint of fall in the air. Things will be cooling down in Southern Oregon very soon. For Japan it takes a bit longer.

One week ago

Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy from rural Oregon

Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy from rural Oregon

Red-Tailed Hawk

beatty ranch hawk oregon wildlife birds

I captured this image last weekend in Beatty, Oregon.


garrison ian hemorage club 66

San Francisco’s Hemorage

toby hemorage club 66

Toby of Hemorage (SF band)


Great guys, Hemorage. They will be doing another Pacific Northwest tour this November.

Camera shy bald eagle

beatty rooney ranch bald eagle flying male

Bald eagle in flight

Last year a friend tipped me off to a bald eagle nest on their property an hour east of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a long lens with me to shoot it properly. So when we went for a visit this past weekend I brought my 300mm lens and a 1.7X teleconverter to extend my reach to about 500mm.

When we arrived at the nest the eagle was sitting in the tree. However, by the time I got my equipment together the eagle was in flight and heading quickly away from me. I revisited the nest a couple more times on the trip and the results were similar on each visit. This eagle wanted nothing to do with me. I saw it on each occasion, but it split when it saw me coming and didn’t return while I waited.

Today’s photo is the best I could do, and this is a 100% crop. The eagle was really nowhere near me when I took this. Maybe next time he’ll have offspring in the nest and be more willing to stick around.

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