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Rainbow Falls

rainbow falls hilo hawaii

Rainbow Falls – Hilo, Hawaii

Kongobuji dragon

kongobuji roof detail

Kongobuji (金剛峰寺) decorative eaves

Farmer in the rice paddies

rice paddies kyoto japan

Shugakuin Imperial Villa (修学院離宮, Shugakuin Rikyu – Kyoto, Japan)

The Shugakuin Imperial Villa tour (must be booked in advance) includes views beyond the original villa. In the 1960s the Imperial Household Agency purchased the surrounding rice paddies to save the neighborhood from possible development. Locals lease the property from the agency and grow the rice for their own business ventures.

Rogue River Gorge

rogue river gorge

Rogue River Gorge (middle of October)

Continuing from yesterday’s post, after Crater Lake we headed home to Ashland but not without a stop at the Gorge, a beautiful place anytime of year. Some colors were changing, but I think it will be even better in a week or two for the fall foliage.

If you are ever heading west from Crater Lake, don’t miss this stop right along the road.

The Watchman and Hillman Peak of Crater Lake

the watchman hillman peak north rim crater lake

Northeast section of the Crater Lake rim


I spent yesterday with a group of new SOU business students visiting Crater Lake (most for the first time). The weather wasn’t great. A few inches of snow had fallen a couple days before, but much of the snow had melted. The skies were cloudy the entire time we were there without a hint of sun or blue. Rain began to fall before noon, and the rain grew in intensity by the time we left at about 1 p.m. Our hike was cancelled so today’s photo was taken from inside the second floor of the gift shop in Rim Village.

Nikon D750 and Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 lens on sale

This is such a good deal. If I didn’t already own both, I would buy them now in a second. The best value camera body (normally priced at $2,300) and the best value lens (normally priced at $1,300) for under $3,000 combined? Crazy good deal.

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