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Panorama from the castle

Castle View

Approaching Dazaifu Tenmangu

dazaifu tenmangu 太宰府天満宮

Passage to 太宰府天満宮

For the story about how I ended up in this place, click here.

Sadly, I can’t find the retired history professor’s card to send him the photos I promised.

Eight summers ago…

ellie paris

Ellie in Paris (2008)

Eight years ago this month this blog began. I started it a year before we were going to live in Japan, to work out the kinks before Japan. That first summer we lived in Denmark and visited Paris. One of the main reasons I began the blog was in the hopes that my kids would chronicle their travels. That didn’t happen much. But it’s fun for me to look back and see how much they’ve grown and changed. Ellie is about twice as tall as she was then, and she is off to college this fall. She is also going to visit me for a week in Copenhagen in July, her first time back since 2008.

Washington Water Power

 washington spokane water power

Washington Water Power (Spokane)

Washington Water Power is now Avista, but it’s nice that they left this sign alone.

Summer stroll

kyoto girls japanese yukata kimono umbrella kinkakuji golden pavilion temple

Today’s photo is a reverse angle on a prior photo I posted from the Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

5 more weeks…

copenhagen denmark house blondes white fence

…and I’ll be boarding a plane for Denmark. Today’s photo comes from my first summer in Denmark, 2008.

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