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Gammel Strandvej

ocean between denmark and sweden

The land at the top of the above picture is Sweden across the Oresund Sound from Denmark.

humelbaek humlebaek beach

After seeing everything at Louisiana Museum for Modern Art (Moderne Kunst‎) we spent a few hours at the beach right next to the museum (and visible from many locations in the museum). We exited the beach by going up a long flight of stairs to the south. This put us on a street called Gammel Strandvej.

vacation rental in humelbaek denmark

The homes on this street started out small and cute and then went on to become large and opulent.

affluent danish housing denmark

Humlebaek, where the musuem is located, turns out to be a rather wealthy community. Gammel Strandvej is loaded with amazing houses overlooking the Oresund Straight.

north zealand coast homes

Instead of heading for the main road back to train station we opted to walk Gammel Strandvej to check out the dwellings of Humlebaek residents. At the end of the street you make a right and you’ll be at the train station anyway. In other words, if you visit Louisiana don’t just take the main road (with nothing interesting to see) to and from the museum. Get off on a side street and see how the affluent Danes live.

humelbaek homes for rent

The above house had garages for three cars and a Mercedes parked in the driveway. That may not seem like much to make a deal about in the U.S., but you have to realize that most people in Denmark don’t have cars (nor do they need them). Those that do usually only have one for an entire household. Having three is really unnecessary and seems to be saying little more than that the owner has money to burn.

A tax of sorts is placed on purchased cars in Denmark at almost 200% of the auto’s purchase price (which is already ridiculous in U.S. dollars). In other words, these cars cost over US$100,000 each, maybe over $200,000 each. Some luxury cars in Denmark, after the tax, cost over $300,000 even though they would be well under six figures in the U.S.

And if you think gas prices in the U.S. are high, you should also consider that Danes are paying almost three times as much for gas as Americans.

Further down the street there was a house with four garages, each with an identical Mercedes parked therein. I couldn’t believe it.

home in humelbaek denmark

humlebaek denmark homes

This last picture has a sign saying “Lille Hus” or Little House. I guess they want their neighbors to think that their Big House is somewhere else. Maybe it is.

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    I came across your blog after Googling “Niels Bohr grave grafitti”. I was in Copenhagen around August 2-5, 2008, and also saw the profanity spray-painted on his tombstone. This post about swimming in the Oresund delights me because I did the same thing as your kids — visited the Louisiana Museum and caught tempting glimpses of people swimming just down the hill, and jumped in for a swim partially-clothed myself that afternoon. Good times!